Winged beans

As I was explaining on IG yesterday, at the farmers market I found a new (to me) vegetable, it is green, fancy shaped and called 四角豆 shikakumame in Japanese. As it is a 豆 mame (bean) I figured I would like it, and after discussing with the farmer who told me it is easy as... Continue Reading →

Shiso fruits in miso

Shiso or perilla, is this little green plant which vibrant green leave you usually would see served with sashimi. In Japan it is used in many more than that and it's not just about the leaves, it's also about the flowers and the fruits. It is not a small tiny plant too, it can be... Continue Reading →

Osmanthus fragrans syrup

In the garden, blooming in September we have about 5 or 6 osmanthus fragans or 金木犀 kinmokusei in Japanese . First I didn't know what it was and I was just charmed by the lovely smell coming from these very tiny orange flowers. It blooms when crape myrtle サルスベリ sarusuberi flowers start to finish, and... Continue Reading →

Corn meal

I haven't baked a quiche since July 1st and it was more than enough waiting for making one... I baked plenty of fruit tarts during the summer but no quiche... really a pity!!! So I was all about making a classic spinach and tofu quiche for lunch today... but when picking the flour in the... Continue Reading →

Orange risotto

Sometimes the weather feels like eating something warm and with vibrant colors... this weather is just now! Rainy, getting chilly and tired... a bright orange risotto was just what I needed!!! Carrots for the crunch, butternut for the soft, salmon for the salt and kabosu for the fresh and acid taste. That's as simple as... Continue Reading →

Rice, umeboshi and diy

Recently it's been pretty busy both at work and at home. A new job for A. some new challenges and experiments for me, our days in Tokyo pass through without noticing. And when in the countryside it's very much the same... when we are not working we have a lot of projects inside and outside... Continue Reading →


When the season for swordfish starts I am always pleased to start eating some, in particular because it often arrives after several typhoons and fish options have been more than scarce in Isumi. After the long months of bonito, it is time for a change. And if I love sanma, which also marks the beginning... Continue Reading →

The very last of the summer

After a day of rain this week the weather as turned from end summer to early autumn. The cicadas voice is getting harder to hear and the wind gets chilly in the evening. Even though I am slowly shifting to autumn vegetables, tomatoes and eggplants have my favors to hold the summer a little bit... Continue Reading →

Making bread

In the summer 2012 when we bought our house in Isumi I never imagined how much it would be a life changer. At first it was purely a fancy project to have a Japanese house and a garden, a place to do little DIY projects (since there's nothing we can do in a rented apartment... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms already…

Though it's still hot in Tokyo, evenings are getting chillier and mushrooms are proliferating on the market shelves... impossible to resist to the temptation and difficult anyway to shop something else as the summer vegetables are finished and there is little transition between the summer vegetables and the autumn ones. It's either okra and tomatoes... Continue Reading →

Food in Tuscany

There is so much to say about it... Food in Italy is always simple, fresh and great... I love to go shopping on the markets (there are markets pretty much everywhere) and find some local delish, I love to cook the simple fresh vegetables in season. My favorite Italian vegetables are zucchini, with the flower... Continue Reading →


Well... I'm just back to Tokyo after spending one week in Tuscany, one beautiful week. It was A. 5th trip and my third in the span of 9months and now is time to share a few addresses and places I really loved. One of my strong requirement during our trips was to have a kitchen,... Continue Reading →

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