I don't know why, but quiche and pizza are two things I could eat anytime. Winter, summer, with fresh seasonal vegetables, it's always happiness in my plate!!! Recently I haven't kneaded much... week days are all too busy and weekends none the less but with different activities and more to come as our construction is... Continue Reading →


I'm not the kind of person who complains about the weather. I take it as it is and enjoy each day as it comes... I don't mind the extreme heat, nor the cold, neither the snow, the wind nor the rain... as long as the weather changes regularly... but I think I have had enough... Continue Reading →

Blueberries and blackberries vegan tart

In the summer... yes yes it is supposed to be the summer, even if you haven't felt the summer heat nor got this beautiful summer tan... I love to bake simple fruits tart: apricots, peaches, plums, berries... so when I bought these blueberries and this blackberries at the farmers market, I knew what I would... Continue Reading →


Not far away from our house is Katsuura 勝浦, a city on the ocean with a fishing harbor, a fish market, a few nice street to browse and a sea front further south where we paddle surf (or least try to!!). Katsuura is quite famous as a bonito fishing harbor in the area and they... Continue Reading →

Chocolate focaccia

Yes! You read well... I told you I was back to back to baking... When I was a first year PhD student the first international conference I attended and presented at was a huge conference held in Barcelona. At that time A. had plenty of holidays and surely plenty of time to take them, so... Continue Reading →

BD chocolate cake

It is really not something that I cook often... maybe it's been 5 or 10 years since I last baked a proper chocolate cake... Usually for A.'s birthday I bake a strawberry tart but as I already baked one two weeks ago, I decided to surprise him with very very rich brownies. So for the... Continue Reading →

Lemon curd

When I find beautiful, naturally grown local lemons I want to make many different things with them. The first lemons I harvested in our garden on are newly planted lemon tree were a little small. But when I can find large and juicy, one thing I love is lemon curd, and lemon tarts. Using up... Continue Reading →

Braided brioche

When looking at Instagram and at breakfast tables, I was often seeing beautiful braided breads and brioches and was always intrigued by their realization. Not the braid itself, but how to obtain a dough that wouldn't be too sticky to actually make a braid. I didn't do much search. My recently acquired cookbook again helped... Continue Reading →

Vegan bagels

I love bagels a lot, but for some obscure reason I almost never make and bake any, hence my last posta about bagels is almost a year old... So when I saw a recipe in my bread in 5 book, I just wanted to try it. What's different from the previous one? Basically that it... Continue Reading →


OK! I got it right now! The recipe of the sweet and soft cookies a la mode Laura Todd. My second trial was the right one! The official recipe is here, but shush! don't tell A. I slightly changed it! I actually had to because the original recipe is for 375g of flour and 1... Continue Reading →

Crepes or cookies

I wanted to talk about one or the other in my post today but I decided to do otherwise because my cookies recipe is great but the baking time wasn't good (I slightly over baked them) so it needs another trial before being shared. And crepes... well... it was Chandeleur on Saturday and I thought... Continue Reading →

White miso for the winter

There exists miso for each season and if red miso is for the summer, white miso is the one for the winter. I learned that at my cha-kaiseki cuisine classes a few years ago. And in an attempt to make some vegan pie crust I was tempted to replace butter by the creamy white miso,... Continue Reading →

Bread for every mornings

Earlier in December as I mentioned in my first post this year, I discovered a book thanks to Giulia @ Julskitchen that makes the promise to prepare fancy breads in 5min. I was skeptical at first but also curious so the only option was to try by myself a few recipes and see how it... Continue Reading →

Welcome 2019!

How are you starting this new year? I am welcoming the new year as a normal day in our country house, with a garden harvest of lemons, natsu-mikan, daffodils, camellia flowers and maple leaves... and a lot of cooking and baking. I also started learning cutting and sewing with my old neighbor. Regarding baking, this... Continue Reading →

Lemon cake

For my birthday for the past 6 or 7 years, when possible, A. bakes me a birthday cake of my choice. The season is such that it involves often lemon or apple. This year the tradition went on and he prepared on my request a lemon cake. With the lemon just harvested in the garden.... Continue Reading →

A week in the clouds – yogurt cake

December is going in a flash this year... busy days leave room to busier days and the gloomy and cold weather adds to the impression of being overwhelmed. The weather reminded more of Parisian winter than that of Tokyo, giving an awkward feeling, and missing the fireplace very much. My head has been in the... Continue Reading →

Walnut bread

After a few weeks without kneading and baking bread it was time to get my hands in the dough again. First wanted to make a rich brioche for breakfast since it has been chilly the past few days... but then I realized I had no eggs... so I opted for bread... but I wanted something... Continue Reading →


Today I was reading some articles and stumbled upon the word "angst". If I understood the general meaning so that my reading wasn't impeded, I still wanted a clear definition. It's not hard to search and find the answer and I started immediately to like this word very much, it described so well what I... Continue Reading →

Vegetables quiche

Every season has its delicious vegetables and every season has therefore a possibility of cooking quiches that is infinite. For this autumn or early winter version I used all the vegetables I love for their déclinaison of white to green: cauliflower, leek and spinach. Coupled with a rich pie crust made of soya bean flours,... Continue Reading →


When I was in primary school once in a while on Monday afternoon we would have a class where we would do pottery and other crafts and 2 times we cooked: once yogurt cake, and once pound cake. My mom kept these recipes in her classic cookbook for easy recipes that we would use when... Continue Reading →

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