Figs are back!!

This year I have the impression that everything is earlier than usual.

Blueberries are almost finished and figs are already ripening and are quite delicious. Farmers are getting ready to harvest rice in Chiba. Even Sarusuberi trees are blossoming almost 1month earlier than usual… So with the figs ready I was thinking of rich almond powder and fig tarts… but them I changed my mind because I wanted something less buttery and less sweet for breakfast, and without eggs. I then opted for a new recipe of scones with fresh figs.

In the regular scone dough I added half of a big fig to the mixture and almond powder. Then I topped each scone with a quarter of fig before baking. The result was a delicious breakfast. Nourishing and full of summer flavors, but not as rich as a fig tart. It’s too hot for such rich food now!

I’m looking for new ideas of recipes with fig, so any idea is welcome!!!

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