Last weekend. I thought it was a real long time I haven’t cook bagel and it’s been a while I wanted to come some… then I checked out my recipe online and realized it was actually 3 years since I cooked any… so it was indeed a really long long time!!! I used the same recipe, and since I was preparing them for breakfast I used very simple toppings: plain, brown sugar, sesame seeds, and mixed seeds. Actually I used half of the ingredients of the recipe and since I didn’t have sourdough I used 7g of yeast; and made 7 bagels, so I guess the recipe makes more 14 than 10 bagels, unless you like giant bagels!!!

Again I was surprised how simple it is and it seems quite impossible not to succeed. I poached them on the evening and baked them in the morning because there’s nothing like eating freshly baked bread in the morning!

It was the perfect start for a Sunday before spending time in the garden cleaning and taking weeds.

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