I use to hunt down the best croissants in Tokyo, I found some, but best shops making the best croissants change over time... Recently we went nearby our place at the factory, and they have probably close to the best pain au chocolat but definitely not the best croissants... and a space that maybe perfect... Continue Reading →

Scones forever!!!

There are so many things I love to eat and so few meals and time to eat them all, that I end up forgetting a few things I love. Last weekend I decided to catch up with these. So I prepared avocado rice bowls, quiche and scones. When it comes to scones I usually have... Continue Reading →

Extravagant bread!!!

Last night I asked A. what he would like for breakfast, or more precisely what kind of bread, brioche etc... ans he said I want an extravagant bread!!! But not extravagant because there are fancy things inside... hum... that didn't really help so I started kneading a 1/3 whole wheat 2/3 white wheat and decided... Continue Reading →


I'm not the kind of person who complains about the weather. I take it as it is and enjoy each day as it comes... I don't mind the extreme heat, nor the cold, neither the snow, the wind nor the rain... as long as the weather changes regularly... but I think I have had enough... Continue Reading →

Sugar bread

When I was a child we use to spend part of August in my parents country house on the Causse Mejean, France. It was a long drive to go there, we would often stop have breakfast or lunch on the way, have a swim in Gard, and then start the winding road that goes up... Continue Reading →

Braided brioche

When looking at Instagram and at breakfast tables, I was often seeing beautiful braided breads and brioches and was always intrigued by their realization. Not the braid itself, but how to obtain a dough that wouldn't be too sticky to actually make a braid. I didn't do much search. My recently acquired cookbook again helped... Continue Reading →

Vegan bagels

I love bagels a lot, but for some obscure reason I almost never make and bake any, hence my last posta about bagels is almost a year old... So when I saw a recipe in my bread in 5 book, I just wanted to try it. What's different from the previous one? Basically that it... Continue Reading →

Bread for every mornings

Earlier in December as I mentioned in my first post this year, I discovered a book thanks to Giulia @ Julskitchen that makes the promise to prepare fancy breads in 5min. I was skeptical at first but also curious so the only option was to try by myself a few recipes and see how it... Continue Reading →

A week in the clouds – yogurt cake

December is going in a flash this year... busy days leave room to busier days and the gloomy and cold weather adds to the impression of being overwhelmed. The weather reminded more of Parisian winter than that of Tokyo, giving an awkward feeling, and missing the fireplace very much. My head has been in the... Continue Reading →

Walnut bread

After a few weeks without kneading and baking bread it was time to get my hands in the dough again. First wanted to make a rich brioche for breakfast since it has been chilly the past few days... but then I realized I had no eggs... so I opted for bread... but I wanted something... Continue Reading →


When I was in primary school once in a while on Monday afternoon we would have a class where we would do pottery and other crafts and 2 times we cooked: once yogurt cake, and once pound cake. My mom kept these recipes in her classic cookbook for easy recipes that we would use when... Continue Reading →

Sea day

I really like that in Japan there is a holiday for the sea day (and now one for the mountain too!!!). I think it is beautiful to celebrate things from the nature that concern everyone and that is not even nationalist. Sea day also marks the debut of the beach season, that lasts only a... Continue Reading →

Japanese plum: sumomo

When one Japanese plum (sumomo - スモモ) tree in the garden suddenly decides to produce dozens or hundreds of fruits... so many that it becomes annoying... the only option is to give away many again to friends around (they'll start to get annoyed too!!!)... but when it's still too much the only option for me... Continue Reading →


When I was a child, every year for mother day, which in France is at the end of May, we would go to my grandparents country house in Le Castelet to have a family lunch. From those lunches I remember catching tadpoles in the small stream that was running down the garden and picking cherries... Continue Reading →


Last weekend. I thought it was a real long time I haven't cook bagel and it's been a while I wanted to come some... then I checked out my recipe online and realized it was actually 3 years since I cooked any... so it was indeed a really long long time!!! I used the same... Continue Reading →

Recurring failure

I'm usually pretty confident in what I do, and in cooking more than anything else. I can try new recipes or invent new ones on the fly with quite some easiness and usually I obtain very very good results (it was one if the motivations for me to start this culinary journal, to keep track... Continue Reading →


Until today I couldn't really say "I've been in Toronto". When I was a teenager I spent a few hours there on a trip to Niagara with my American family, I remembered the CN tower and around but that was all. So when D. and C. proposed to spend the weekend in Toronto while I... Continue Reading →

French toast

Could you imagine that! I have never eaten French toast!!! Not even once! And never made any either! So today I decided to try to make some with some bread leftover... Everyone knows how to make French toast, even me, I knew!!! It is ultimately easy and rapid: some milk (I used almond milk), an... Continue Reading →

Pancakes best-of

10 years ago I was baking pancakes twice a year or so... I would often use pancake mix and was never fully happy by the taste and usually had to eat them completely soaked with maple syrup. That was until we travelled to Boston in 2009 and I found a great organic pancake mix at... Continue Reading →

Winter rolls

In winter, when it’s cold in the morning and we want to have something rich and hot to eat, I like to prepare cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns. I find them super delicious when made with the recipe from the Nordic cookbook that I’ve slightly modified, but so rich that I actually don’t cook them... Continue Reading →

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