Last bread of the year?

The last week in Japan for this year is just starting. As usual before traveling, the last week is a marathon: squeeze in all the appointments, meetings that require me to be physically here, prepare for packing, and here on top, prepare for Xmas presents, since we’ll follow directly with a visit to our family... Continue Reading →

Double almond pancakes

The last weekend we spend in the country before traveling for a few weeks in Europe: Italy and France, and it is perfectly cold and sunny, just how like the mornings it this season. To warm us up before going outside play tennis and garden, a rich breakfast is now needed and this morning I... Continue Reading →

Muesli pancakes

Since A. is away, I was thinking of having muesli and fruits for breakfast, so I stopped by the supermarket last night to buy some nuts muesli and some soya milk. But then this morning I was up at 6:15 and decided that after a bit of workout I would rather eat pancakes. So basically... Continue Reading →

Baking bread

I haven't posted any bread recipe recently but that doesn't mean I haven't baked any! I have baked a lit of fougasses this summer for our visiting friends. Of course for breakfast I have cooked more pancakes than ever, but bread is still one of my favorite. All warm, just out of the oven, the... Continue Reading →


Yes! The season for clafoutis is coming again! I love summer and summer fruits simple recipes like clafoutis, tarts and simply poached fruits with herbs or spices. The clafoutis recipe is really simple: 4 ingredients only: flour-eggs-milk-sugar, but you can easily make some variations by changing the balance between the ingredients, or using vegetal milk... Continue Reading →


Cooking in the morning for breakfast is great when I have the time: pancakes, scones, crepes... but it is not always possible and sometimes I prefer to bake something the day before so that it only takes the time to prepare some fresh fruits in the morning. My basic recipe is usually that of a... Continue Reading →

Little breads

Recently I haven't posted much about bread making. I made a trial for a panettone which was a delicious "something", but not a panettone the recipe I used from "journal des femmes" website was just a big scam, after more searching in some cookbooks, I think I have a nice recipe to try. I also... Continue Reading →

Hazelnut and spices cake

It is not often that I make vegan cakes but sometimes there is no choice. I really wanted to make a cake, start mixing flour, baking powder, sugar, and when it cake to the eggs, I realized I didn't had any. And I didn't feel like buying cheap eggs from the kombini (not because they... Continue Reading →

Yuzu scones

As you know, I bake scones quite often. I love them for breakfast and for tea-time, I love the sweet or salty, and they are so easy to prepare and so quickly baked that I can improvise easily. Now it's a good season for yuzu, they are easy to find locally, so It's the good... Continue Reading →

Bread making

The temperature is getting low at night these days; and mornings, though sunny are quite chilly. I love then more than ever to have hot bread, freshly baked, for breakfast. But because temperature in the house is much lower controlling the bread making is also much difficult. Yet, with more experience each year, I start... Continue Reading →


Usually my morning routine in Tokyo is very simple: after waking up I do a little pilates workout, then take care of the laundry, in the mean time A. prepares breakfast for us and takes care of the dishes.  So when A. is away my morning routine is quite busy since I have to squeeze... Continue Reading →

Food habits

Travelling abroad and eating at some friends' place, doing some shopping in the local organic supermarkets and trying some local products definitely impacts my food habits. Trying new delicious products or simply eating differently from what we eat in Japan everyday is really interesting. In Germany I was expecting to eat a lot of dark... Continue Reading →

Gratted ginger scones

When we were in Chicago We went to Wholefood quite often, and when lining at the cashier they always have some magazines. Usually people press in which I have no interest, but also few cooking and interior magazines. And I must say that I totally get attracted to these. And I ended up buying one,... Continue Reading →

Pancakes and plums

When in Canada our friend C. Gave us a huge jar of peach jam he made. The jam was so delicious that just one month after it is already empty. And of course I totally forgot about it, hoping this delicious jam would be on the breakfast table for ever!!! This morning when I woke... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen

The perk of jetlag is to be hungry all the time and to wake up early in the morning giving plenty of time to see the sun rise and prepare breakfast!!! And if Canada is known as the mapple syrup country, it's definitely not somethings they serve often or basically never. So I was craving... Continue Reading →

Coconut milk and spices scones

Once the coconut can is opened, better use it! It's really rare I use canned food but for coconut milk it is really nice (and for chick peas). The milk is really rich and creamy. So after I used a few for the curry I've been cooking with it a little bit. And first thing... Continue Reading →

Sunday’s breakfast

A few days ago I saw pictures of bagels on IG and I remembered how easy it is to make some and how delicious it is (my bagel recipe). But I had first to masterize the croissants. Now that I've finally managed to make real butter croissants I prepared bagels for this morning. Since it's... Continue Reading →

Baking bread!

I didn't really bake for a few weeks and I really missed it. Kneading is a such a relaxing and nice moment that is like a ritual. The promise of delicious breakfast on top of that. I didn't bake but I had a chance to get some nice wheat bran and oat bran so I... Continue Reading →

Cherry clafoutis 🍒

We unusually spent the weekend in Tokyo because A. promised his shamisen group to play with them at a volunteer concert in an old folks day care. And I had to go and sing too!!! I like these concerts because giving a bit of our time for these people, it's always a nice. Though it... Continue Reading →

Coconut pancakes

Yes, I was worried sick about Pablo, then about her kittens, now about how will we handle the situation, and slept bad and no appetite but A. was still hungry (even the very one time he had high fever he was hungry!!!). So I had to cook anyway, and when I made the oat bran... Continue Reading →

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