Japanese plum: sumomo

When one Japanese plum (sumomo – スモモ) tree in the garden suddenly decides to produce dozens or hundreds of fruits… so many that it becomes annoying… the only option is to give away many again to friends around (they’ll start to get annoyed too!!!)… but when it’s still too much the only option for me who is not very good at making jam and preserves is to make nice breakfast clafoutis, tarts and crumbles with plenty of fruits…

For clafoutis and tart, I use very simple basic recipes. Crumbles, I don’t bake often. Too buttery and rich for breakfast usually, so I tried a new version. I replaced the sugar by a mix of flax seeds and dates and added butter little by little until the texture starts being crumbly but rather dry. The result is an amazing crumble perfect for breakfast. Not too sweet, but just enough to compensate the acidity of the cooked fruits. A crunchy soft crumb not oily. Something to make again for sure!

How do you cook your extra fruits???

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