Variations around flat breads

I am always amazed by all you can do with just flour and water... and recently I’m getting addicted to flat breads... Remember when I first tried here? Well... the same person that makes the dried chickpeas that triggered my wish for flat bread to eat with falafels, well, also makes chickpeas flour... I use... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot again!

We are moving in our new apartment tomorrow, but getting everything ready and working doesn’t mean not cooking, we have to eat 😉 Luckily we are only moving vertically so it’s quite easy to go and meet with the workers in between two online meetings, and anyway we decided not to do a lot of... Continue Reading →

Flat breads

My parents were supposed to come from France to Japan to visit us last week, but things had obviously to be postponed. But they insisted in still sending a parcel with some essential staples I cannot find in Japan with the quality I want. In particular, I love to cook with the chickpeas one of... Continue Reading →


With the terrible summer the garden hasn't produced much since August. My eggplants are having a hard time growing, same for the celeriac, and the ukon. The beets have disappeared... only the peanuts, the celery branch, and the herbs are doing fine. Regarding the fruits... the jujube are few and very tiny, the persimmons are... Continue Reading →


Remember last March? I made miso with our friends... and I had to wait about a year before being able to try it... actually our friends came home the other day and we talked miso, and they said that their miso was ready and 9month were sufficient... so I couldn't wait to open my bucket... Continue Reading →

Chickpea pasta

When we traveled to Australia last May, I've totally fallen in love with lentil pasta and chickpea pasta found in an organic vegan shop. I'm not particularly interested in gluten-free food but taste wise it was really very interesting. So I decided to try to make my own ones from chickpea flour. I knew it... Continue Reading →

New kitchen!

We moved in our new apartment this weekend and we have just finished emptying the last boxes. Now it starts to like home! I'm still not used to it and in particular to the kitchen. It was very difficult to find a place that checked all the boxes of our list of "must"  given the... Continue Reading →

Colorful vegetables

Well after taking a bit more time and cooking for 4 people it's now back to crazy at work and coming back home late, working weekends. So dinners have become simpler. It goes together with a typical March weather, when one day is rainy and cold and the next is warm and sunny. When you... Continue Reading →

Canola – 菜の花

The season has come already for canola - 菜の花 - nanohana. They mark that we are now heading towards the coldest times of the year and slightly more gloomy. January is marked by beautiful weather and it moves slowly  into more rainy days. The bright green of the leaves and yellow of the flowers are... Continue Reading →

Vegan light curry

Nature has not plan for us to eat alone! Most of the fruits and vegetables are so large that if you want to it several sorts you need to be more than one person or you need to eat the same food over and over! I don't even mention how we humans have even forced... Continue Reading →

Spicy stew

In the series of new preparations I really wanted to try fennel seeds together with north african style spices in a stew with plenty of veggies and a little bit of chicken. Something close to a tajine indeed, but served with a little of couscous for the full blast of energy. So I put one... Continue Reading →

Rice salad Japanese style

Japanese purists would hang me for that recipe!!! In the edamame gohan I've added boiled chick peas, and served this "mame gohan" with blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled egg. A sort of "salade de riz" as we call it in France, (so 70's tupperware cooking!!!) but with a Japanese touch. Of course... Continue Reading →

Back to normal… Socca lunch

Hectic weeks, busy week ends, when we arrived in Ohara last night it felt like we haven't come for months. Everything in the garden has grown tremendously high and green, no cat was waiting for us... Of course H. came today but we are more a food supply than anything else so far... There is... Continue Reading →

Short but intense week

Yup!! Today is the last of the week for me!!  But squeezing in a whole week of work in 3 days is quite a challenge. Plus this is the end of the year for students in Japan and that means a lot of thesis reading, preparation for presentations and grading. So from 8:00 to 22:00... Continue Reading →

Chickpeas and cauliflower curry

Recently I've spent quite some time browsing my new cookbooks to ffind some inspiration and this time it comes from the "Encyclopédie de la cuisine végétarienne". This book is really resourceful not just for receipes but also for a lot of techniques to prepare veggies or cereals, so I will come back to it quite... Continue Reading →

Saturday bowl lunch

Back to our routine, lot of work and week end in the country. Saturday morning tennis and one-bowl lunch. Today the market was really good, edamame, green beans, lots of fruits...  So the lunch bowl was really simple: chick peas, edamame, green beans, cucumber, sesame seeds, with lemon juice and olive oil; and for the proteines... Continue Reading →

Chickpea and flax seeds thick crepe

There is an infinity of variations with crepes and pancakes, by changing the flour, adding baking soda or not, milk, egg, seeds... I love to play with all these possibilities and create something different each time. This time I grilled some eggplant and sweet pepper, so I decided to bake a big thick crepe made... Continue Reading →

Salad, salad & salad

With the heat in Tokyo it's hard to spend to much time in the kitchen in front of the stove or with the oven on. So recently I've just been preparing a lot of fresh vegetables salads with all sorts of accomodation. I usually bake some rice, bulgur, pasta, cheak peas for two meals to... Continue Reading →

One-plate dinner

Super busy with work, finishing late every day and trying to still watch one movie every night, the one-plate dinner is really handy. I am also finishing the last spring vegetables as we're moving towards summer, so I had a few new carrots and new onions to use. I like to prepare carrots with cumin... Continue Reading →

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