Flat breads

My parents were supposed to come from France to Japan to visit us last week, but things had obviously to be postponed. But they insisted in still sending a parcel with some essential staples I cannot find in Japan with the quality I want. In particular, I love to cook with the chickpeas one of their relatives make, until I manage to produce my own… one day…

So I was very happy to have some in my parcel and start preparing them almost right away. Since they are dried natural chickpeas you need first to soak them into water for at least 24h before starting anything cooking or sprouting… So you can’t really improvised until you’ve done that… but while they soak you have all the time to consider options though… and this time I set my mind on falafels. I know A. loves them, and so do I!! Yet when I told A. we’ll have falafels, he asked if we’ll have also pita bread… I didn’t expect that and didn’t have time to prepare for a proper pita bread, but I recalled seeing recipes of flat breads that didn’t need yeast and raising and could be made in less than 30min. So I decided to make my first flat breads. I used the first tutorial I found that looked simple a quick and it was perfect and it takes only 5min to knead, 20min rest (time I ised to make the falafels) and 2min per flat bread to cook, in a pan, so you don’t even need to turn on your oven!!

For the falafels, I simply mashed the chickpeas, added some potato starch for the crispness, chopped fresh mint and parsley, cumin powdered, coriander powdered, a bit of chili pepper powdered and salt and pepper. And fried them in a small pan. I served all with some fresh vegetables, fresh cheese, and chopped coriander… simple and really delicious!!!

Have a good week!

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