Over excited…

not about the fuss about this damn virus, nor about my duty as exam supervisor at the university entrance exams... but there are many things going on around me that have gotten me very excited recently. First, spring is coming and with it the new greens are on their way for sure. Then, it is... Continue Reading →

Steamed gyoza – 水餃子

As I was saying in my previous post, I'm a big fan of dumplings of all kind. But recently I have a crush for sui gyoza-水餃子 which are simply steamed gyoza. And because I want to make some more often, last time we went to Kappabashi (to buy bowls for my sister xmas present) A.... Continue Reading →


With the terrible summer the garden hasn't produced much since August. My eggplants are having a hard time growing, same for the celeriac, and the ukon. The beets have disappeared... only the peanuts, the celery branch, and the herbs are doing fine. Regarding the fruits... the jujube are few and very tiny, the persimmons are... Continue Reading →

Sakura risotto

As I was writing last time, it's just the peak season for sakura viewing. And therefore I thought of using sakura flowers in some recipes again. The classic would be sakura rice or sakura rice balls, but since my parents are staying with us and my dad was crying for a risotto, in remembrance of... Continue Reading →

Burdock – 牛蒡

There are a few vegetables that are hard to find in Japan and I really love: fennels, artichokes, salsify... When I first ate burdock (gobo ゴボウ 牛蒡) I was quite surprised with the very peculiar taste, and I realized it was a good alternative for both salsify and artichoke at the same time. This long... Continue Reading →

Simple food: rice

Though when we were first traveling to Japan about 20 years ago, I would get tired of eating rice 3 times a day after one week, now I think I eat rice not enough and I am never tired of it, be it 3 times a day, every days! It can be plain white rice... Continue Reading →

Lentil curry

Well well well, it's getting cold and gloomy today in Tokyo and rain and snow are on the forecast for tonight after weeks of dry and sunny weather... I guess that's it... every year is basically the same... after the brilliant days of January cold, the gloomier days arrive, colder even... To warm the mind... Continue Reading →

The small things

Tonight I'm back home at 21:30, that's the earliest I got home in quite some time. Though it's only Wednesday our fridge is almost empty already: obviously I didn't shop enough this weekend in the countryside. Yet I have a last one of these late summer giant and very ripe tomatoes, so I decided to... Continue Reading →

Spicy carrot pie

The other day we went for lunch at cafe Boba and while we were waiting for our food to arrive I browsed an American cookbook on pies. Something that was perfect for the season. And with my basket full of autumn vegetables, I was very much inspired by the recipes with pumpkin, carrots... and one... Continue Reading →

Orange risotto

Sometimes the weather feels like eating something warm and with vibrant colors... this weather is just now! Rainy, getting chilly and tired... a bright orange risotto was just what I needed!!! Carrots for the crunch, butternut for the soft, salmon for the salt and kabosu for the fresh and acid taste. That's as simple as... Continue Reading →

Soup or so

After the snow last week, the snow again this week. The weather in Tokyo was gloomy all of Thursday and Friday and I wanted some simple warm food. One thing I really love in winter is Japanese cabbages. They are perfect steamed with olive oil, thyme and salt, raw with miso, but not only. With... Continue Reading →

Crazy week(s)

I knew January would be a tough and busy month and it is exactly what it is. It is the season for student graduation thesis and I have a pile of them to read before the end of the month. It is also the moment to think about final exams for the course I teach.... Continue Reading →

Friday already!

The week has been incredibly busy with many various things going on at work: the book I was mentioning, the organization of a workshop in January, classes, experiments... drinks with friends, party and MarioKarting with the lab, skipping lunch for tennis... and without even noticing it is the last night before the departure, it’s getting... Continue Reading →

Shopping spree!

With our new work schedule, we finish work quite late on Friday evening and leaving for the country at 23:00, in the cold evening, empty stomachs and drained from the week is not too tempting, so we prefer to wake early on Saturday morning and leave quickly. In the winter fewer people go surfing and... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 2!

When suddenly the weather is chilly in the country, that it’s late and I want some confort food, I usually prepare a hot pasta soup with a clear vegetable bouillon. Leek and carrots are the two main ingredients for the bouillon, but alone they do not provide enough, so I like to add something else.... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 1!

After weeks trying to get this new rythm, I think we’ve almost got it... and a weekend in the country with tennis, gardening and cooking, plus the cat and a bit of work was the perfect way to completely get it right. My muscles hacking from the tennis and the gardening: trimming a Japanese pine... Continue Reading →

Two simple Japanese recipes

With some guests from France at home this weekend I cooked some simple Japanese recipes that they could reproduce back home. And because the weather was really terrible I could take all the time needed to chop thinly the vegetables and prepare recipes I usually don't.The two recipes I prepared were daikon and miso, and... Continue Reading →

Simple Japanese meal

With friends at home for the whole weekend I ended up not cooking Japanese at all, and since Friday I was still craving for some simple Japanese taste. Finally last night I got it done! A. is good at preparing Japanese rice, which saves a bit of time when I am finishing work rather late,... Continue Reading →

D-9 before the opening!

As many of you may know, I'm a roboticist, cooking is just a hobby. I am the head of 20 people research lab in a national university in Tokyo. Just google me to check!! My days are pretty full with my job but I can't help doing more than my shre and taking opportunities to... Continue Reading →

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