Last time I made gyoza A. complained because I didn’t make the wrappers. And I totally agreed with him. The homemade ones are thiner, tastier and so simple to make that I kind of felt a bit ashamed of it… When I cook in the evening on week days I usually like to prepare things I am sure about and won’t mess because I am too busy to mess. So I felt I needed to practice dough making.

What does it have to do with noodles???

Well the gyoza wrappers and the noodles I made are basically the same recipe: flour and water… and it takes literally 5min to make the dough for each. And for the noodles just 2min to roll and cut them. Perfect to enhance a simple vegetables soup! So here is my recipe for a quick, simple, energizing and warming soup.

Noodles soup (1 serving)

– 1 carrot

– 1 leek

– a pinch of turmeric

– a pinch of chilly pepper

– 4-5 coriander seeds

– a pinch of sesame seeds

– a pinch of salt

– a bit of ground pepper

– 40g of flour

– water

In a pan with 500ml of water, add the carrot and leek cut in the shape you like. Add the spices and condiments. Bring to a boil. And keep boiling at low heat under cover.

In a small bowl mix the flour with a little of water to obtain a soft dough, silky not sticky. Knead a bit. Roll with a pin onto a floured top to a flat 1mm or less sheet. Cut 5mm wide noodles, add to the soup and boil while sometimes stirring for 5min.

Serve and eat while hot!!!

Have a good weekend!

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