Pan fried ravioli

In an attempt to practice my gyoza dough making and rolling I decided to make some pan fried ravioli using a vegan dough recipe which is only water and flour, and therefore the recipe of gyoza skin, and filled with Japanese salted salmon, spinach and ricotta. So I found it hard to know how to... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash ravioli

It's been a while I didn't make pasta! It was too hot and the summer vegetables don't go to well for making ravioli filling. But now that autumn is here, hey! Hey! It's time to get the pasta machine out and roll some pasta!!! As the title indicates, I made butternut squash ravioli. It's not... Continue Reading →

Ugly yummy ravioli

I must say that I hesitated a lot before posting the picture of these ravioli but then remembering them each time I watched them in my photo list, how delicious they were, I couldn't not share them with you. And anyway you know that plating is not something I am very good at, probably because... Continue Reading →


I am a big fan of tofu... most of you may say that tofu is an insipid, watery, white thing, but it is actually much more than that. I was convinced very quickly when we went to a tofu restaurant near Nezu (we used to live in Nezu) the very first months we lived in... Continue Reading →

Ravioli with Japanese flavors

By now you must know that I love ravioli, that I love both making and eating them. With the end of year/new year holidays in Japan, most of the farmers market were off until today, so I had to buy some long lasting vegetables that would last 7-10 days and enough for having friends at... Continue Reading →

Harbor market

Every Sunday morning from 8 to 12 there is a "harbor market" at Ohara fishing harbor. We don't go very often because the main attractions there are fresh shellfish grilled on the spot, and there are more stalls that have ready to eat food than truly food to buy to take home and prepare. But... Continue Reading →

Radish tops and salmon ravioli

Ravioli have always been in the very top of my preferred dish ever both to eat and cook. For me to enjoy them, they have of course to be fresh and with a green and tasty filling. Ricotta spinach are of course a classic that I enjoy all the time, but seasonally filled ravioli are... Continue Reading →

Your kitchen is mine!

Kitchen take-over in Waterloo. I've been in Canada for 10 days now and I really missed cooking, so when D. and C. offered me to take-over there kitchen I couldn't resist and I had to say Yes!!!!! Please let me cook!!! So all set, on our way back from work D. and I stopped grocery... Continue Reading →

Fresh pasta

You know how much we love fresh pasta and more than any stuffed pasta. While in Florence this time I didn’t have much free time to cook, traveling here and there (Pisa, Paris...) for work so we tried a few places where to buy some fresh pasta and so far in central Florence the best... Continue Reading →

Ravioli again!

After this busy week at work and several dinners out, a little bit of slow cooking was more than welcome! But it was so cold that I didn’t even dare trying to make bread. Indeed, when we arrived Saturday morning it was 2-3 degrees in the house, it slowly went up to 15-17 by the... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 3!

It’ been quite sometime I didn’t make ravioli right?! And I couldn’t wait any longer to train again... in prevision of my visit to Tuscany next month... And with beautiful shiitake, kabocha season and delicious Isumi pork, it was easy to decide what the fillingwould be: it will be all or nothing!  Indeed kabocha and... Continue Reading →

Salmon spinach ravioli

Ravioli, in particular jumbo ones, are one of my favorite dish, both to eat and prepare. Or may be I just enjoy making them because I enjoy eating them so much!!! This time I made spinach and salmon ravioli, a king of classic I guess, but so very delicious! The pasta is always the same for two... Continue Reading →

Spinach-chicken ravioli

It is spring today and I am down with very strong pollen allergy, my head is spinning, my eyes are itching and I almost couldn't move this morning. But I am talking at a public event and I hate to cancel my interventions, let people down. So A. has helped me take my things together,... Continue Reading →

Ricotta-basil-prosciutto ravioli

I can't help making ravioli. And even more when I have fresh ricotta. But because A. doesn't like cheese too much I added prosciutto to the basic ricotta-basil filling. And I prepared a tomato-basil-prosciutto sauce to go with it. It was a very simple dinner to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary enjoyed in our country... Continue Reading →

Speck and shimeji ravioli

When Japan meets Italy and Gentiane is cooking, it gives a new recipe of ravioli. Now well equipped with my new ravioli rack for large pieces I can prepare ravioli with more granulous and rough filling. The first thing I tried back in Japan was speck and shimeji. Shimeji are a very Japanese type of... Continue Reading →

Xmas ravioli

Celebrating Xmas with our families in Sicily I prepared an Italian x French ravioli to be served in a little herbs bouillon prepard by my mother. Cooking together we come up with mew odeas snd new tastes. The ravioli are foie-gras ravioli for everyone but me, mine are ricotta. For that it is really easy.... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash ravioli again

Last winter I made some butternut squash ravioli  with a very simple filling and in small size, with the ravioli plate I bought in Roma last year. This time I decided to add some nutmeg to the filling and to make large ones, where there is plenty of filling. And since I had plenty of... Continue Reading →

Ratatouille ravioli

Yes, I made ravioli again! I was too happy last week to finally masterize the pasta machine and the ravioli mold. So far I was using them but it was never perfect, but now I know how to do and it works really well. And because we love ravioli there is no excuse not to... Continue Reading →

Asparagus and herbs ravioli

It's been weeks I wanted to make ravioli and I totally felt in love with the IG picture of Zucchero e zenzero's ricotta and asparagus ravioli just before the golden week. The events during and after the golden week being what they've been I didn't had a chance to make ravioli until last night, and... Continue Reading →

Oups! I made some ravioli again!

"Yahhari"  as we say in Japanese, I made some ravioli again! We love ravioli so much I could have some every day! This time spinach ricotta with some spinach in the pasta for a green finish. I just over-steamed some spinach and add some off the green leaves in the dough. For the filling chopped... Continue Reading →

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