Pork and vegetables in cocotte

I have a beautiful Staub cocotte that I use  not often enough. It’s a pity because I love vegetables cooked in the cocotte, when the juice and extracts mix together. So today I decided to use it and prepare a Japanese style pork filet in cocotte with new onions and carrots.

In the cocotte I put a little of sunflower oil, 2 new onions cut roughly, 2 little taro potatoes and one carrot, then I lay a large pork filet on top, salt, pepper, laurel and cooked for 30-40min. (In my case the vegetables were perfect for two, but I served only half of the filet)

Once finished, I opened the cocotte and added a little of soya sauce to dilute the extracts, which gave a dark beautiful and delicious glazing, almost tasting like miso. Served with rice with soya beans and fresh pickled vegetables.

Ready to eat! 

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