One plate

Gloomy, rainy chilly day... What best then a warming plate in front of you? With little turnips, pork fillet and quinoa, simply cooked in a pot, here is a very healthy and nourishing meal. In a little bit of olive oil I simply put the pork filet in a cocotte and cooked under cover. When... Continue Reading →

Tribute to our grand mother’s mironton

Our grand mother was doing magic with left overs of meat, in particular porc filet. It would be used in the filling for stuffed vegetables, in cannelloni, or hachis parmentier for exemple. But she would also use them for "mironton". Her mironton was just simple: onion, potatoes and chuncks of pork meat fried in oil... Continue Reading →


I always buy pork from Isumi when possible, for it is really tender and soft. My preference: pork belly (豚バラ - butabara) for the taste (but I only eat it when it's ultra cooked and the fat has melted, and it's all crispy) and pork filet (ヒレ - hire) because there is no fat and... Continue Reading →

Hectic week

This all week has been pretty crazy.  I knew I would be very busy at work and that I'll have to go early to the lab too, but what I didn't expect is that the train to commute would let me down so many times. Usually trains are super reliable in Japan, but once in... Continue Reading →

Pork and vegetables in cocotte

I have a beautiful Staub cocotte that I use  not often enough. It's a pity because I love vegetables cooked in the cocotte, when the juice and extracts mix together. So today I decided to use it and prepare a Japanese style pork filet in cocotte with new onions and carrots. In the cocotte I... Continue Reading →

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