This week P. Got married, and it was the first weekend of real summer feeling. Very hot weather, blue skies, beautiful ocean swims, hydrangeas blooming everywhere and rice growing fast. The farmers market was full with summer fruits: plums, cherries, peaches, blueberries, melons, watermelons…  so I decided to prepare a light a simple fruit tart with a simple crust based (flour, egg, brown sugar and a bit of butter) and to juste add the fruits (one peach, a handfull of cherries and two of blueberries) on top and bake everything for 20-30min. The simplicity of the preparation reveals perfecty the taste and sweetness of the fruits and the crust, rather dry, pumps the sweet juice of the peaches, while the berries and the cherries pop in the mouth!

Have a beautiful week ahead! 

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