I don't know why, but quiche and pizza are two things I could eat anytime. Winter, summer, with fresh seasonal vegetables, it's always happiness in my plate!!! Recently I haven't kneaded much... week days are all too busy and weekends none the less but with different activities and more to come as our construction is... Continue Reading →

Blueberries and blackberries vegan tart

In the summer... yes yes it is supposed to be the summer, even if you haven't felt the summer heat nor got this beautiful summer tan... I love to bake simple fruits tart: apricots, peaches, plums, berries... so when I bought these blueberries and this blackberries at the farmers market, I knew what I would... Continue Reading →


Not far away from our house is Katsuura 勝浦, a city on the ocean with a fishing harbor, a fish market, a few nice street to browse and a sea front further south where we paddle surf (or least try to!!). Katsuura is quite famous as a bonito fishing harbor in the area and they... Continue Reading →

Korinky creamy summer pasta

Creamy and summer don't necessarily get along well together I reckon, but it's not like we're in Europe and temperatures are very high for the moment in Japan. It's still the rainy season and the "real" summer will only start in 2 weeks (hopefully not later!!). While in the meantime the summer vegetables and fruits... Continue Reading →


When the season for swordfish starts I am always pleased to start eating some, in particular because it often arrives after several typhoons and fish options have been more than scarce in Isumi. After the long months of bonito, it is time for a change. And if I love sanma, which also marks the beginning... Continue Reading →


Going to Paris in August is always a feast! The city is empty of angry Parisian and everything is smooth and nice. Of course there is no theatre show nor opera to see, little exhibitions and some shops and restaurants are closed for the summer holiday, but who cares? It's the best time to visit... Continue Reading →

Wax gourd – 冬瓜

A few years ago (or in an other life... when I was managing time differently) I used to go to 茶懐石 chakaiseki cooking classes once a month. I learned a lot there, about classic Japanese cooking techniques, about Japanese sweets and about some ingredients I was never cooking. Wax gourd is one of them. It... Continue Reading →

Malabar spinach & okra

Now that the summer is blasting the green vegetables options are narrowing. Over the zucchini and the French beans... cucumber, jute mallow and okra are the most important green staples for me... but the Malabar spinach is curiously still on the market stands. I love Malabar spinach so much that I continue buying some anytime... Continue Reading →

Goya chanpuru

In Okinawa cuisine they use a lot of pork meat and of goya, a bitter melon. Goya in Okinawa is delicious, but goya is a vegetable I never buy in Tokyo, because the ones you find in supermarkets are usually horribly bitter and hard (I did try a few times a long time ago...). There... Continue Reading →

Some new greens

Every season brings a new kind of greens to the table, not just seasonal but also things I have never seen or cooked before. That's what is fun with shopping at local farmers markets. Each one has some different products. When I shop in Ohara, I don't find the same things than when I shop... Continue Reading →

Jute mallow

モロヘイヤ (say moroheiya) or jute mallow is a summer green that us eaten often in Japan in miso soup and tempura. I've known it for long but was barely cooking it until last summer when we visited our friends in Tsunan and K. prepared some. This little green plant is like okra or yamaimo, it... Continue Reading →

Malabar spinach

I discovered this green last year at our local market, called tsurumimurasaki ツルムラサキ in Japanese, and had a crush for it... then the season passed and it was the season for other greens... and then this week Malabar spinach was on the market shelves... and I was happy to find it again, with its very... Continue Reading →

More zucchini!!!

I could have totally go with an other zucchini week worth of new or modified recipes in the last 7 days... to add to the existing collection of zucchini recipes! I've been preparing most of our meals using zucchini because it's just the season and now they grow plenty of zucchini in Isumi! So again... Continue Reading →

Summer teaser

Last weekend and today were really giving a taste of summer. Harvesting from the garden: locats, plums, herbs, sansho, eating in the garden at night, playing tennis and going swimming or bodyboarding right after in the chilly water of the ocean to cool down the body... and now a typhon is coming, it rains and... Continue Reading →

Zucchini cake

Somehow this week has been a lot about cooking zucchini. There was a few classic things such as "soupe au pistou" for friends coming for dinner. But also a few new recipes such the salsola quiche. And after seeing a few cakes on IG, I thought it was time to make one with zucchini and... Continue Reading →

Another quiche…

There's nothing like a good quiche for dinner! I was missing not preparing some for a while, so I had to fix that. With the summer vegetables starting I bought plenty of zucchini at the farmers market because we love them and ones need to enjoy them when they are in season (the season in... Continue Reading →


When I was a child, every year for mother day, which in France is at the end of May, we would go to my grandparents country house in Le Castelet to have a family lunch. From those lunches I remember catching tadpoles in the small stream that was running down the garden and picking cherries... Continue Reading →


The last stop of our trip was in Yamanashi prefecture to visit wineries and fruits orchards. I had know idea what too expect and what we would actually see, and it was a great surprise! First the place we stayed at (Fuefukigawa onsen - 笛吹川温泉) was fantastic with a chef preparing delicious cha-kaiseki cuisine and... Continue Reading →

Salsola – okahijiki

Trying new vegetables is always fun! In particular when you can easily imagine how to prepare them! So when we went to the farmers market and I found okahijiki-おかひじき  I simply couldn't wait to cook them. And with the super hot weather I thought of a simple Japanese meal again with rice, grilled fish and... Continue Reading →

Fresh quinoa salad

If my weeks are busy with work my weekends are none the less busy with other activities: going swimming in the ocean in the morning and in the evening, working on some of my sewing/embroidery projects, gardening, baking, playing tennis, socializing... and when it's hot outside I feel like eating nothing else than super fresh... Continue Reading →

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