Saturday alone in Tokyo = soup day

A. had a company outing so I spent part of the week end alone in Tokyo. A cold and grey weekend so I went only for a long walk, did some shopping and took the opportunity to prepare our apartment for the arrival of a new sofa in our living room, just the third one!!! I also add a party with students and former students, but usually I just have one drink a these kind of parties and don’t touch the food. I found it was a perfect time to have a little monodiet for the day and made some super simple fresh veggies soup with one leek and three little carrots diced thinely and only boiled in water (no stock, no broth, nothing) to which I added, for the energy, a few little Sicilian pasta. Just added a bit of thyme and a drop of olive oil. It was both lunch and dinner and After eating out so often it was perfect!!!

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