The last kabocha

While spring is definitely in the air, and I am craving for spring greens which are not yet quite there (the one available come from the far away south of Japan), I was thinking that before entering that green season, eating a last kabocha would be great. Indeed since December I cooked cauliflowers, romanescos, broccolis,... Continue Reading →

Pan fried ravioli

In an attempt to practice my gyoza dough making and rolling I decided to make some pan fried ravioli using a vegan dough recipe which is only water and flour, and therefore the recipe of gyoza skin, and filled with Japanese salted salmon, spinach and ricotta. So I found it hard to know how to... Continue Reading →

Almost there

While I'm hoping that the doctor will tell me I'm good to go tomorrow I'm still taking it easy, resting a lot and trying to sleep a lot. But the one thing that makes me confident that I am recovering is that now my appetite is gigantic. Indeed in the first few days when I... Continue Reading →


This little herb okahijiki オカヒジキthat I discovered only 2 years ago is definitely one of my summer favorite. I was surprised to see on IG that it is also an Italian classic, though salsola is much of a spring herb there than in Japan where it rather a summer plant. Anyway, one more way to... Continue Reading →

Handkerchief pasta…

The other day on my instagram feed I got surprised by a beautiful pasta. The art of plating IG feed had this "handkerchief pasta" picture of flowers rolled between two layers of lasagna. The result was for sure beautiful. And since it's been some time I didn't roll pasta it was a good time to... Continue Reading →

Korinky creamy summer pasta

Creamy and summer don't necessarily get along well together I reckon, but it's not like we're in Europe and temperatures are very high for the moment in Japan. It's still the rainy season and the "real" summer will only start in 2 weeks (hopefully not later!!). While in the meantime the summer vegetables and fruits... Continue Reading →

Garden greens

After one week cooking potatoes in many different ways, we started missing pasta. So it was time for a change to cook some. I love all sort of pasta and often forget how delicious spaghetti are, in particular when well dressed. So with the garden producing a little more than potatoes, though I must admit... Continue Reading →

Spring greens

My kitchen garden seems to be doing ok! Every week I harvest something, and recently it's been focused on snap peas and herbs. Two plants of peas actually have been producing a handful of snap peas every week, which is just the perfect amount for us so far, as I used them mixed with other... Continue Reading →

Shoyu pasta

There are recipe stories that are longer than others and that reflect how "agile" I manage my cooking!!! Last week I was telling you how much I love new onions and that you will see more recipes with them because I had in mind to prepare some ravioli filled with new onion. Everything was clear... Continue Reading →

New onions

As soon as the first new onions appear I have to cook some! The season just started and will last a few weeks, hopefully 6 or 10, and you will see a lot of new onion recipes, even maybe a whole week if work give me the time to post that often. New onions are... Continue Reading →


I am a big fan of tofu... most of you may say that tofu is an insipid, watery, white thing, but it is actually much more than that. I was convinced very quickly when we went to a tofu restaurant near Nezu (we used to live in Nezu) the very first months we lived in... Continue Reading →

When I fail… 🚮

Once in a while I make a cooking failure... recently it hasn't happened much because I master better my kitchen and the products I cook, and I have gained in skills a lot. But when it happens it is always very sad... and last night was one of this saddening moment when you have to... Continue Reading →

Ravioli with Japanese flavors

By now you must know that I love ravioli, that I love both making and eating them. With the end of year/new year holidays in Japan, most of the farmers market were off until today, so I had to buy some long lasting vegetables that would last 7-10 days and enough for having friends at... Continue Reading →

Xmas approaching

Except for some Xmas decorations and tangerine, pompe a l'huile and panettone I am not a big fan of Christmas. This time of forced happiness, of forced making presents and receiving some, the bad timing with my birthday following just after... no really... I could easily pass. And pass on the weeks before too starting... Continue Reading →

Harbor market

Every Sunday morning from 8 to 12 there is a "harbor market" at Ohara fishing harbor. We don't go very often because the main attractions there are fresh shellfish grilled on the spot, and there are more stalls that have ready to eat food than truly food to buy to take home and prepare. But... Continue Reading →

Radish tops and salmon ravioli

Ravioli have always been in the very top of my preferred dish ever both to eat and cook. For me to enjoy them, they have of course to be fresh and with a green and tasty filling. Ricotta spinach are of course a classic that I enjoy all the time, but seasonally filled ravioli are... Continue Reading →

The small things

Tonight I'm back home at 21:30, that's the earliest I got home in quite some time. Though it's only Wednesday our fridge is almost empty already: obviously I didn't shop enough this weekend in the countryside. Yet I have a last one of these late summer giant and very ripe tomatoes, so I decided to... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash week day 1

Let's start this week with a very easy and stunning butternut squash recipe that takes only 12min to make if you use already made pasta. If you want to roll your pasta, depending on how quick you are add that time too. I chose spaghetti for that recipe because I wanted al dente pasta rather... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash love

Since the very first I saw this season I have bought butternut squash every week and I am not yet tired of it. Whether it is with Japanese rice, risotto, faro, pasta or quinoa, it is always great. In jumbo ravioli also it is perfect. I love the taste and the texture and I love... Continue Reading →

Winged beans

As I was explaining on IG yesterday, at the farmers market I found a new (to me) vegetable, it is green, fancy shaped and called 四角豆 shikakumame in Japanese. As it is a 豆 mame (bean) I figured I would like it, and after discussing with the farmer who told me it is easy as... Continue Reading →

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