Cooking for the sick me

Well I wasn’t just tired, actually I was really sick. So when I was writing my blog post the other day I actually had a very high fever on that same day and the next day I was diagnosed with a pneumonia. What the heck is that disease? I thought it was only for old people? Am I that old already? How did I get there? Well… I must admit probably too much work, too few sleep and outdoor activity in the past days, breaking with my normal rythme that is 7-8h sleep and 45-120min of physical activities 4-6 days a week. Hopefully I was diagnosed quite early, so it wasn’t that bad, or so they said. But for sure what the doctor told me was that I shouldn’t work for a couple of days and I should rest.

What does resting mean? So far resting for me was synonymous of walking around the city or walking around the countryside, riding bicycle, practicing kyudo, going swimming in the ocean, gardening and cooking… But this time what the doctor had in mind was actually “doing nothing”. So, in the coziness of my ivory tower I’m trying to do nothing. Which is basically failing poorly. So I force myself to work at a slower pace remotely and to sleep a lot. And also because this was quite unprepared that I would be sick I needed to prepare myself a few things to eat as A. Is at work. And naturally I’m falling for some comfort food. Which comfort food for me means a lot of cream cheese (but not the regular cream cheese from Hokkaido that I usually use, no for French Kiri, which to me is the best one, well balance between fat and flavors), a lot of bread that was suppose to be our next breakfast and some fresh vegetables cooked or rather overcooked in a mushy and unpresentable manner. Which incidentally so resonates with the recent podcast from one of my favorite food bloggers I was listening to recently.

So it starts with pear compote, with steamed broccoli mashed with cream cheese, spread on campagne bread. It continues on with warm vegetables soup also topped with cream cheese. Or rather the other way around. It goes on with steam pumpkin also with cream cheese. oh! And I am having all my lunches in bed!!!

Oh! And because I had to drink a lot, unsurprisingly my favorite drink has become homemade plum syrup, it adds just the sweetness and flavor to a glass of tepid or warm water without providing the feeling of being sick that herb tea sometimes gives when one is actually sick.

And hopefully by the time I have eaten all the cream cheese, finished emptying my vegetables drawer I’ll be fully back on my feet and back to normal.

Mushy broccoli with cream cheese spread on campagne bread with a glass of homemade plum syrup

What is your favorite comfort food when you’re feeling down and sick?

How do you cook for yourself when you have little strength left in your body?

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