Good morning! Homemade croissants! (But I don’t get it right yet…)

Making croissants takes much more time than making bread, because every hour during 5 hours there is a manipulation to do. Not a difficult one, but you need to make yourself available. Last Saturday was the perfect day for it: grey, cold, gloomy, and making you wish that Sunday will be a better day and start with a good breakfast. So, I decided to challenge myself with making croissants. using my usual book, I followed the steps. 

And made a few croissants for breakfast.  The taste was perfect. Really the right balance of butter, sweetness and beautiful golgen crispy outer shell. But the  dough didn’t grow enough (probably because the kitchen is too cold), so they remained tiny and a little compact. The cooking time also was not right. It took almost twice the time. 

So, there much room for improvement, even if liked them very much. Sunday was sunny and warm, and the breakfast delicious.

If you have a good croissant recipe or hints I’m happy to learn!!!

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