Recurring failure

I'm usually pretty confident in what I do, and in cooking more than anything else. I can try new recipes or invent new ones on the fly with quite some easiness and usually I obtain very very good results (it was one if the motivations for me to start this culinary journal, to keep track... Continue Reading →


A. asked for croissants for breakfast last weekend and I really wanted to try making some again after my last trials that were so so. Indeed I tried twice before to make croissant and if there was always something to complain about. For my first trial they had the consistency and taste of brioche, delicious... Continue Reading →

Tokyo’s croissant ranking

My experience of making croissants was great but not perfect, so before I manage to make the best croissants in town, I am still looking for the best you can buy. You know, the one that are light and buttery, crispy outside and melty inside, well... THE perfect croissant. Hunting truly delicious croissants in Tokyo... Continue Reading →

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