Coconut-strawberry tart

Coconut ad strawberry tart with a bit of coconut and ice sugar for the decor
I love strawberry tart and I love to make some! Usually the best time starts end of March in Japan, but this year we’ve started to have delicious strawberry for a few weeks already, so I couldn’t wait!
I love to make variations with the dough, with the custard. This year I added some grated coconut in the dough and made the custard with soya milk and a lot of vanilla. I also wanted to try making the dough in circles and just top it with custard and strawberries. I need a little more practice but the result was not bad at all!
For the dough I used flour, brown sugar, one egg, butter, and added some coconut (I always make the dough without measuring anything, I like to “feel” it).
For the custard I used 2 egg yolks, a little can of soya milk, vanilla, a spoon of flour and brown sugar.

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