Sorry for neglecting you…

For those that follow me on instagram or Facebook, you already know what I was up to, for those who don’t let me summarize why there hasn’t been a post in two weeks.

No, I have not decided to go on a two week fast. No I have not stopped cooking. Well… I have been what we call “busy”. Started a new professor position with the University of Tokyo on the first. The day Japan started accepting new visa applications. Then it’s been a race to know if my parents would get one, how, produce all the documents, run here there to gather and send everything. Then prepare their arrival, cancel, rebook etc… and finally, 2 days before the D-day they arrived in Japan.

Then now spending some time with them. Cooking for them, strolling around with them, and working too.

Enjoying tourist-free Tokyo

Yesterday I received the insignia of the French National Order of Merit (the reason why my parents could enter Japan!) and we could share this moment altogether.

And now we’re enjoying some time in the country… eating delicious local food.

So, accept my apologies if I am not trying new recipes or inventing new ones. I’ll be back soon!!

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