I used to have a very strict routine. Partly strict by will, partly forced, but recently things have changed for many unrelated reasons. Some of these changes are temporary hopefully, some may not, hopefully as well!!!

Among the things that have changed, first was my new working schedule. Unsurprisingly, I am good at making plans for myself and sticking to them, indeed when I commit to something I just do it (like posting a picture of my cooking every single day on IG, I’ve been doing it for almost 6 years now!). Leaving the lab at 17:30-18:00 is even more enjoyable now that days are getting a bit longer! And I love the break to cook before being back to my computer for 2-3 more hours of work, first because a break is good to clear your thinking and take the heat down, second because it’s the promise of a delicious meal ready as soon as A. is back from work. It is also easier to have friends coming over for dinner, which is something I like very much! Exactly as planned being back at home before 19:00 gives me the possibility to cook dishes that require longer cooking time, or time to rest. As an example this twice cooked pork filet, slowly simmered in its own juice and of tomatoes, leeks and later added mizuna (see recipe at the end of this post). The double cooking and slow simmering turns the meat into something totally tender and sweet… something from another time, like the daube my grandmother would cook… This new schedule could be seen as a routine but it is accompanied with many small flexible things that make it new everyday, like the undefined route from the station to our house, the stops on the way… I love all these tiny changes and the fact that there is no rush… taking the time to call my parents more often, just to say hello!…

Forced by The Virus, A. is experimenting telework a few days a week, and that is a big routine breaker to flexibly adjust to this new schedule!!! So to be sure he actually goes out of our apartment, we’ve been testing a few breakfast venues that are 10-20min walk from home, enjoying walking in the still not too busy city. So far No. 4 is the best option we’ve found as it opens early and offer delicious breakfast one-plate. But stay tuned…

There are many other things that The Virus affects, such as the temporary closing of our tennis court, the cancellation of my parents’ visit next week etc… I can’t pretend it doesn’t affect me, but spring is on itsway!!! So let’s enjoy it, and be not too stiff about changes of plans…

Twice cooked pork filet

– 1 pork filet

– 1 or 2 large and ripe tomatoes

– 1 leek

– 1tbsp of olive oil

– 3 hand full of mizuna

– short pasta (optional)

Cook in a pan under cover the pork filet at medium-high heat until golden and a bit crispy on the bottom. Then add the tomatoes chopped, and the leek chopped as well. Cook under cover at low heat for 60 to 90min. The liquid should almost vanish and you should be able by now to cut the pork filet with a wooden spoon. When it’s the case cut the filet in rough bites. Add the mizuna, cut in 5cm long pieces, cook and stir for 5min. If you want to add pasta, boil them, drain them and add to the mix. Stir well for 5minutes still cooking at low heat. Serve and enjoy!

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