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Cooking is about ingredients, taste and visual for me, yet plating is still an art that I don’t masterize at all. There are few reasons that can explain that, yet I would like to improve my skills. The reasons why my plating is sloppy are simple: First TIME, 99% of the meal I cook are prepared in less than 30min, 80% are prepared in less than 15min. Second QUANTITY, I don’t serve for our daily dinner a 5-course meal, it’s more or less a one-plate or one bowl with just the necessary amount, not a cherry tomato and a snap pea with s slice of carrot and a spoon of quinoa!!! Third WASTE, beautiful plating require a lot more than you actually eat just to make the plate perfect: just the head of this beautiful asparagus but we don’t need the rest, so what shall I do with the rest????

Yet I still want to have a nicer plating, and I find that Instagram is a great source of inspiration for that, from super chefs to amateurs there’s a variety of option and ideas to work with. I like @gourmetartistry for the amazing plates they show almost every day. But I also some Japanese pages with perfect musubi or onigiri that look just too delicious. What are you favorite plates? How do you serve your food everyday?

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