Spring chrysanthemums – 春菊

When you can feel that winter is still here but you slowly get tired of the cold winds... the plum trees start blooming and the spring vegetables are arriving. I harvested already some time ago the first wild spring vegetables: fukinoto and canola will arrive soon, but today I want to talk about a winter... Continue Reading →


Quite a week, and it’s only Thursday!!!  So let’s get back to when I left you last Saturday... Sunday evening we had 4 guests (mix of French and Japanese) for dinner at home in Tokyo so I cooked some of my half new recipes: creamy cauliflower soup with curried croutons (recipe below), pork cutlet with... Continue Reading →

Simple food

There is one thing that I always think about cooking when in a rush to prepare our meals and want to eat some Japanese food, it's simple seasonal vegetables sautéed, deglazed in a bit of soya sauce, served with rice and pickles. It is so very simple and yet so delicious that it beats any... Continue Reading →

One-plate lunch

What best when it's getting chilly outside than a bowl of hot and steamy white rice? And to complete the lunch, a plate with angelic (ashitaba-明日葉) omelette, grilled pork, grilled cherry tomatoes and turnips with miso. Very quick to prepare, tasty and warming! I am also very pleased to use my new Arita yaki bowls! 


It's been a year now I've started some barter process with our neighbors in the country. Some gingko nuts here, some citrus fruits, some plums, some bread etc... in exchange one would sew a kimono, teach me how to make umeboshi, give us a few pickled vegetables, and more often they would give us fresh... Continue Reading →

One plate

Gloomy, rainy chilly day... What best then a warming plate in front of you? With little turnips, pork fillet and quinoa, simply cooked in a pot, here is a very healthy and nourishing meal. In a little bit of olive oil I simply put the pork filet in a cocotte and cooked under cover. When... Continue Reading →

Miso-parsley-pork meat balls

Nothing better than a one-bowl meal for a perfect lunch. Donburi are really easy to prepare in endless seasonal variations, with meat, fish or vegan, with white rice, brown rice, a mox of grains... For this one I used plain white rice, seasonal veggies: turnips, carrots and shiitake, and prepare miso meat balls. For that I... Continue Reading →

A little veggies medley

Broccoli, turnips, potato, shiitake for a good meal after work, there's nothing better. Add a little of pork filet diced if you like it, sautéed in a pan with olive oil!

Quinoa and autumn veggies

Autumn, winter, autumn, winter... day after day the temperature are one day high one day low, and I have a hard time deciding what to cook. I don't want to start already to cook tuch winter stuff because I know it's long before spring and the new veggies, and though I love cabbage, and turnips... Continue Reading →

Energy macrobiotic lunch

With chillier days we try to play tennis not in the morning anymore but in the afternoon, so before we go we need a good lunch full of energy. Inspired by the book of macrobiotic recipes, I came up with a nice one-bowl recipe using a base of brown rice, some seasonal sautéed veggies: kabocha,... Continue Reading →

A dinner with guests

The other night we had some guests at home, and when we do I need to be super-well organized to squeeze one hour to prepare dinner in my schedule, this usually my target time. So I need to think carefully the menu, the ingredients and once I enter the kitchen I know exactly what I'm... Continue Reading →

Persimmmon and turnip salad

We harvested some more persimmons today and I really have a lot!! So I'm trying a few recipes with persimmons, after the not too conclusive jam experiment. Back when I was going to cha-kaiseki classes there was a really nice autumn recipe of persimmon in salad. Later I found other recipes that inspired me, and... Continue Reading →

Pink veggies in cocotte

With the autumn settling down and the rainy day, It was high time to get the cocotte back on the cooking range! At the market there was a lot of pink and white veggies: sweet potatoes, little pink turnips, lotus roots, red onions... So I just guessed they would make a perfect and beautiful combination... Continue Reading →

Turnips filled with miso and pork

Sunday as a side dish of the buta shoga yaki I prepared an experimental recipe of some turnips filled with a mixture of miso and pork. This idea comes from two Japenese dishes, one is quite classical: boiled daikon in dashi topped with chicken and miso (for the recipe please contact me), the other is... Continue Reading →

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