Soup and bread…

What is more comforting than a warm soup when you have spent the whole day outside and the temperature have suddenly dropped? Every year I am shocked by the sudden change of the temperatures in Japan in autumn. There is always one day in November when you start the day wearing tea shirts and short... Continue Reading →


That’s something I haven’t cooked for 4 years!!! Can you believe that??? The last time I made some was for that post back in 2016!!! And then... nothing... strange enough because (1) I like quenelle very much, (2) it’s not difficult to make, (3) it requires only simple ingredients I always have in the pantry...... Continue Reading →

Pain au lait

I’ve been baking a lot of breads these days but suddenly I felt like eating a variety of other baked things such as brioche, until A. saw a picture of a pan bagnat in a magazine and asked me to make one for him. I didn’t see the picture, and instead of thinking of the... Continue Reading →

Edamame fougasse

Ohoh! Exploring new possibilities with edamame will last the whole season!!! This recipe of fougasse came naturally to my mind as I love to bale fougasse for summer evenings drinks or summer lunches when I need something quick. In Japanese bread shops you can sometimes find edamame and gouda breads, and I like them very... Continue Reading →


I use to hunt down the best croissants in Tokyo, I found some, but best shops making the best croissants change over time... Recently we went nearby our place at the factory, and they have probably close to the best pain au chocolat but definitely not the best croissants... and a space that maybe perfect... Continue Reading →

Eclairs & choux

Why while the recipe is always a lot simpler than I remember, I prepare eclair only once every 2 or 3 years???... These and millefeuilles are probably my favorite French traditional patisseries, with strawberry tart. (I don’t count simple fruit tarts, cobblers, and crumbles... they do not really count!!! 😉 What the three have in... Continue Reading →

How quick…

Not enough time to do all the things I want to do... and in a snap it's already mid December... Busy days follow busy days... the excitement of all the things I do leaves me quite resourceless and for the first time in quite a while I feel tired. Tired of so many things undone,... Continue Reading →


Probably very few of you know what panisse are... you only know if you've been to Provence long enough or have a specific interest in regional cooking... Panisse are an other traditional recipe based on chickpea flour and that cones from Italy apparently, but is also famous as far as Marseille. I've already shared the... Continue Reading →

October craze

October is always a busy month... start of the new term and teaching again, hunting for the new students for the next spring, a few business trips usually, people visiting from Europe and the best season to enjoy outdoor and prepare the garden for the winter, so days and nights are way too short... But... Continue Reading →

Some new greens

Every season brings a new kind of greens to the table, not just seasonal but also things I have never seen or cooked before. That's what is fun with shopping at local farmers markets. Each one has some different products. When I shop in Ohara, I don't find the same things than when I shop... Continue Reading →

Recurring failure

I'm usually pretty confident in what I do, and in cooking more than anything else. I can try new recipes or invent new ones on the fly with quite some easiness and usually I obtain very very good results (it was one if the motivations for me to start this culinary journal, to keep track... Continue Reading →

Le petit nice

After the buzz of a family Christmas celebration, the noise and the fuss, it is now quiet, even peaceful and time to celebrate my birthday. My parents booked a table at le Petit Nice, a three Michelin star restaurant in Marseille that I like very much for the excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the beautiful view... Continue Reading →

Curry-rice quiche!

Not enough of the leek tart with some brown rice pie crust, I went further with this curry-rice quiche. All in one dish all in one quiche! Same pie crust as the last post, but this time after half baking it I filled it with a special mix. In a pan I cut roughly a... Continue Reading →


Yes! The season for clafoutis is coming again! I love summer and summer fruits simple recipes like clafoutis, tarts and simply poached fruits with herbs or spices. The clafoutis recipe is really simple: 4 ingredients only: flour-eggs-milk-sugar, but you can easily make some variations by changing the balance between the ingredients, or using vegetal milk... Continue Reading →

Golden week(end)

The golden week in Japan is this blessed moment in spring when there are several bank holidays and when usually the weather is perfectly warm but not hot and the nature is full of dpring greens, flowers and days are getting longer with a beautiful light. This is a time when we usually have msny... Continue Reading →

Carrot pudding

So, as promised, here is my very probable entry recipe for the recipe and cooking contest by Soy Sauce. The same I participated in last year and was selected as a finalist and received the bronze prize. I chose a recipe with very simple ingredients, that can be served as a main or a side,... Continue Reading →

Soya sauce recipe contest

So... apparently the Parisian sister has again let us down once again, and despite her promise to contribute every week steadily, she didn't keep it more than 2months...  Sorry, no sweets and cake recipes because I myself rarely cook or bake some. I am more interested in meals and breads! Recently with the spring coming... Continue Reading →

Mum’s artichokes barigoule

Every time I go back to my parents' place in Aix-en-Provence and the season allows for it, my mother would cook one of my favorite artichokes recipe (I love artichokes!! ), and that I cannot eat in Japan because finding the proper ingredients is very difficult or impossible. This recipe of artichokes barigoule is a... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian quiche

We love quiches and I think I don't cook some too often! There are so many variations that I can't do twice the same one! Recently I've been using a lot of wheat bran in my breads, cakes, pancakes and quiche or tart doughs. It gives a fibery texture that I really love on top... Continue Reading →

Eclair ⚡️

With this horrible rainy and cold Saturday there was nothing else to do than cook some sweets and drink hot tea. After browsing a few recipes of things I wanted to cook, the unanimous choice was chocolate eclairs! And here I am in my kitchen, preparing pate a chou and custard. Of course chocolate eclair... Continue Reading →

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