Sakura risotto

As I was writing last time, it's just the peak season for sakura viewing. And therefore I thought of using sakura flowers in some recipes again. The classic would be sakura rice or sakura rice balls, but since my parents are staying with us and my dad was crying for a risotto, in remembrance of... Continue Reading →

Italy meets Japan again

Saturday I spent some time browsing cookbooks, looking at their beautiful pictures and slowly moving from the winter mood to the spring mood. I was focusing on two very different books: a Japanese macrobiotic cookbook from Brownsfield owner elder daughter Shinema Nakajima, and a Sicilian cookbook by bloggers Maria Teresa di Marco and Marie Cecile... Continue Reading →

Orange risotto

Sometimes the weather feels like eating something warm and with vibrant colors... this weather is just now! Rainy, getting chilly and tired... a bright orange risotto was just what I needed!!! Carrots for the crunch, butternut for the soft, salmon for the salt and kabosu for the fresh and acid taste. That's as simple as... Continue Reading →

Food in Tuscany

There is so much to say about it... Food in Italy is always simple, fresh and great... I love to go shopping on the markets (there are markets pretty much everywhere) and find some local delish, I love to cook the simple fresh vegetables in season. My favorite Italian vegetables are zucchini, with the flower... Continue Reading →

Half risotto

In Japan people born from one Japanese parent and one foreign parent are called “half” (ハーフ) by Japanese people. Using the same idea I use like to use this word for my cooking recipes. Some would use different words such as ethnic food, fusion food or any other that means nothing to me. But “half”... Continue Reading →

Leftover Italian cooking

Since we've arrived in Florence, everyday I’ve been cooking something different for dinner: simple vegetables and salad, pasta, risotto, cereals... I’ve tried them all. And I’ve been using as much as possible things I don’t usually find in Japan, and that I love extremely: artichokes, fennels, lamb lettuce and a great variety of cheeses. And... Continue Reading →

Brown rice risotto

Summer is here right? We're past June 21st already! But in Japan June is not summer as westerners could imagine it, rather I could say that the rainy season has finally started, with pouring rain one day, and humidity level increasing noticeably. Summer will start later in July for us! In the meantime the summer... Continue Reading →

Barley risotto

I'm a big fan of all kind of cereals and leguminous plants. I like to use them in many recipes. In Japan there exists many, such as adlay and millet and of course all the beans (豆) families: edamame, azuki, black beans... I also like the European or Asian ones too, barley, lentil, chickpea... that... Continue Reading →

Spring is in the air!

Well, at least in the farmers market! Because it's still quite cold in Tokyo... but all these greens were so appalling that I couldn't resist making a little green risotto for everyone! Simply with one leek for the creaminess, and then fava beans, green peas and snap peas. That's the vegan base. But with my... Continue Reading →

Risotto “fond de frigo”

Sometimes there are a few things remaining in the bottom of your vegetables drawer in your fridge, and you don't know what to do with them... typically a leek, a little piece of kabocha, a tomato, a little piece of cauliflower... well it makes a very nice base for a vegan risotto. First, a bit of... Continue Reading →

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

This is the perfect winter dish for a busy evening! Super simple to prepare in a short time and you can prepare it before and reheat it just before eating.For two people I use 1/6 of kabocha, 5 mushrooms, risotto rice of your choice, olive oil, salt and pepper and I finished my plate with... Continue Reading →

Multigrain risotto with burdock

As I was telling you, I really love the mix fresh parsley and burdock. May be because it makes the burdock taste even more artichoky, a vegetable I love but that is not common in Japan (though I've spotted some lovely artichokes plants in my neighbor's potager garden!). As we will be traveling to Sicily,... Continue Reading →

Home cooking again at last!

I made it through! I was organizing with some colleagues and friends a conference in Tokyo and it was quite an intense week to be sure that everything would work right and attendees will be pleased. Of course this kind of work is not my main work and it's just on the side of regular... Continue Reading →

Snap peas and onion risotto

We are slowly going towards the rainy season and it's getting towards the end of the season for spring vegetables in Tokyo area, soon we will have melon, zucchini, okras... But before it ends really let's enjoy some more spring greens!!! Snap peas are very easy to cook, they just need to be blanched, and... Continue Reading →

Having fun with broad beans

I had a few broad beans left and had this idea of making soup with them, so I boiled them, peeled them and blend them and instead of water I used some cream. What happened is that it became a broad bean whipped cream! Oh oh! What a nice thing! So I really made broad... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower risotto

Though I love risotto and I cook some often, I don't post recipes as often as I would like just because I really fond it hard to photograph. I already mentioned that before, I've tried several techniques but I am not often satisfied with the results. In particular because I cook chiefly for dinner and... Continue Reading →

Asparagus risotto

Yes! Spring is here for sure and aspargus start to be seen on the market stands. Nothing simpler and more classic then an asparagus risotto, and still so delicious, I never miss to make one. I used a new onion for the base, for sweetness and melty texture, that I chopped roughly and slightly cook... Continue Reading →

Still playing winter-spring

After a gloomy week of rain and cold weather, now the sun is back for a few days and the temperature gently increases during the day, spring veggies and wild sprouts are more and more present on the market, while classic veggies like mushrooms and spring cabbages are also taking a large part of the... Continue Reading →

Winter → Spring risotto

Warm days with sometimes cold wind and chilly evenings follow each other, the end of the winter veggies overlaps with the beginning of spring veggies so my cooking is largely influenced by the envy of spring food, but the warmth of winter food. So I came up with new vegan risotto recipe with winter red... Continue Reading →

Spinach risotto and cod

As expected, it is now getting cold in Tokyo and the real winter is here. Nothing better to get warm than a kind of thick ice soup or wet risotto with veggies and fresh cod.In a pan greased with olive oil, first grill the rice (arborio or carnoli), then cover twice with some veggie consome... Continue Reading →

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