Probably very few of you know what panisse are... you only know if you've been to Provence long enough or have a specific interest in regional cooking... Panisse are an other traditional recipe based on chickpea flour and that cones from Italy apparently, but is also famous as far as Marseille. I've already shared the... Continue Reading →

Ashitaba gnocchi

This is far from being the first time I post about ashitaba (明日葉), or if you prefer angelica. I love this herb and the magic combination with potatoes and pork. I know I should be trying new combinations, but you have a solid recipe, it's great to do it again and again with small variations.... Continue Reading →

Italy meets Japan again

Saturday I spent some time browsing cookbooks, looking at their beautiful pictures and slowly moving from the winter mood to the spring mood. I was focusing on two very different books: a Japanese macrobiotic cookbook from Brownsfield owner elder daughter Shinema Nakajima, and a Sicilian cookbook by bloggers Maria Teresa di Marco and Marie Cecile... Continue Reading →

Ravioli with Japanese flavors

By now you must know that I love ravioli, that I love both making and eating them. With the end of year/new year holidays in Japan, most of the farmers market were off until today, so I had to buy some long lasting vegetables that would last 7-10 days and enough for having friends at... Continue Reading →

Food in Tuscany

There is so much to say about it... Food in Italy is always simple, fresh and great... I love to go shopping on the markets (there are markets pretty much everywhere) and find some local delish, I love to cook the simple fresh vegetables in season. My favorite Italian vegetables are zucchini, with the flower... Continue Reading →


When you are super pleased to invent a new recipe that looks like delicious... and talk about it over the phone with your mom and she tells you that your brilliant idea not only already exists but is actually a classic Sicilian recipe!!! I must have Italian blood at some point!!!! Anyway, this brilliant and... Continue Reading →

Potato gnocchi x olive oil

I'm a great great fan of potato gnocchi. I love them just boiled with olive oil, or with tomatoes and basil. I love them grilles in a pan with olive oil and salt. I love them in more complex dressings (all my gnocchi recipes here!)... I also enjoy preparing them a lot, the texture of... Continue Reading →


What was supposed to be a nice and peaceful trip to Italy and France started with quite a bit of a commotion with a few centimeters of snow in Paris... and I landed in Paris at 4:00AM only to learn a few hours later that the flights to Florence I was successively checked-in were all... Continue Reading →

Leftover Italian cooking

Since we've arrived in Florence, everyday I’ve been cooking something different for dinner: simple vegetables and salad, pasta, risotto, cereals... I’ve tried them all. And I’ve been using as much as possible things I don’t usually find in Japan, and that I love extremely: artichokes, fennels, lamb lettuce and a great variety of cheeses. And... Continue Reading →

Life in Florence

So, it's been four days we've been in Florence, except for Sunday that we spent walking around the city as described here, it's been a rather studious time. A. leaves early in the morning while it's all dark and comes back late at night, and this gives me more than plenty of time to work,... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash lasagna

With a tight schedule: in Nagoya yesterday, a rehearsal for the show next Tuesday where our robot appears, a few lectures and talks to prepare and the preparation for moving in less than a month, days are pretty short! But I am always happy to prepare a dinner for friends and never cancel an invitation!... Continue Reading →

Risotto “fond de frigo”

Sometimes there are a few things remaining in the bottom of your vegetables drawer in your fridge, and you don't know what to do with them... typically a leek, a little piece of kabocha, a tomato, a little piece of cauliflower... well it makes a very nice base for a vegan risotto. First, a bit of... Continue Reading →

Ricotta-basil-prosciutto ravioli

I can't help making ravioli. And even more when I have fresh ricotta. But because A. doesn't like cheese too much I added prosciutto to the basic ricotta-basil filling. And I prepared a tomato-basil-prosciutto sauce to go with it. It was a very simple dinner to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary enjoyed in our country... Continue Reading →

Japanese style pasta

In Japan there are plenty of Italian restaurants but many serve not a genuine Italian company cuisine, but rather pasta, or more spaghetti, with a strong Japanese touch. The much classic would be mentaiko - 明太子, some kind of poutargue, or spucy fish eggs, with nori. But it goes much beyond that. At first it... Continue Reading →

Speck and shimeji ravioli

When Japan meets Italy and Gentiane is cooking, it gives a new recipe of ravioli. Now well equipped with my new ravioli rack for large pieces I can prepare ravioli with more granulous and rough filling. The first thing I tried back in Japan was speck and shimeji. Shimeji are a very Japanese type of... Continue Reading →

Souvenirs from Sicily

After one week in the south of Sicily trying local products and visiting historical sites, it was obvious I would not come back to Japan with empty hands.  And with both Christmas and my birthday I was spoiled. Here is a bit of the Sicilian delights and gears I took back with me. Starting from... Continue Reading →


Being in Italy we eat fresh pasta quite often. And being with our mother we cook all together. This time it's a recipe that our mother created. Very simple, taking advantage of the seasonal products and that can easily be prepared ahead and for large tables. This is tagliatelle with radicchio, spinach, speck and pine... Continue Reading →

Multigrain risotto with burdock

As I was telling you, I really love the mix fresh parsley and burdock. May be because it makes the burdock taste even more artichoky, a vegetable I love but that is not common in Japan (though I've spotted some lovely artichokes plants in my neighbor's potager garden!). As we will be traveling to Sicily,... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash ravioli again

Last winter I made some butternut squash ravioli  with a very simple filling and in small size, with the ravioli plate I bought in Roma last year. This time I decided to add some nutmeg to the filling and to make large ones, where there is plenty of filling. And since I had plenty of... Continue Reading →

Simple pasta

Friday evening and Sunday evening we usually have dinner rather late and I like to have something that can ready quickly with short cooking time, yet still with fresh vegetables. Pasta and gnocchi are usually my best picks for their short and simple cooking, and their versatility in terms of topping and arrangement. Recently I've... Continue Reading →

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