Omurice – オムライス

I am lucky to work with one of my students on the development of a system that proposes variations to things someone do depending on preferences... for developing such a system we decided to chose a concrete example, and the first idea that came to our mind was a system that could help you in... Continue Reading →

Eggs are my best friends…

I’m a big fan of cooked eggs and always have been. I recall the soft boiled eggs with bread and butter of my childhood, the omelettes, with cheese, potatoes or wild asparagus or wild mushrooms... going to the chicken farm near my grand parents home to get fresh eggs... this love for eggs hasn’t changed... Continue Reading →

Potatoes and green beans

If there is one combination I love it's potatoes and greens: green peas, green beans, broad beans... usually I would prepare them with new onions blanched and olive oil. Today I decided to try for new sauce, a lazy mayonnaise. Mayonnaise requires that you emulsion the oil, the egg yolk and the mustard together. It... Continue Reading →

Goya chanpuru

In Okinawa cuisine they use a lot of pork meat and of goya, a bitter melon. Goya in Okinawa is delicious, but goya is a vegetable I never buy in Tokyo, because the ones you find in supermarkets are usually horribly bitter and hard (I did try a few times a long time ago...). There... Continue Reading →

Green beans salad

For very hot and humid days like it was today, I like to prepare extremely simple, fresh meals with mainly vegetables. A green beans salad is a classic for me, but instead of preparing it with potatoes like I would usually do I prepared it with hard boiled eggs and fresh ginger and myoga thinely... Continue Reading →

Summer salad

Well well summer is really here and it's just the beginning, temperature are going to rise even further I guess. So preparing simple fresh food is really my main cooking focus, yet each time I want to prepare something different, new, even if most of the basic ingredients are the same: new potatoes, green beans,... Continue Reading →

Some more Japanese bowls

Rice, rice more rice, white, brown, red, black, wild, arborio, carnaroli, koshihikari, camargues. Whatever, we love rice!!!  This time it's a mix of koshihikari white and brown rice, served with enoki, these long, thin and white mushrooms so easy to find st that the time of the year, and lotus roots, cooked in a bit... Continue Reading →

Japanese food addict

When we are in Japan I don't think about it, I naturally cook Japanese at least once a week sometimes more. When I say Japanese I mean rice (white or brown) and something with dashi and/or miso and/or umeboshi. These tastes have been part of our daily life now almost as much as good olive... Continue Reading →

Rice salad Japanese style

Japanese purists would hang me for that recipe!!! In the edamame gohan I've added boiled chick peas, and served this "mame gohan" with blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled egg. A sort of "salade de riz" as we call it in France, (so 70's tupperware cooking!!!) but with a Japanese touch. Of course... Continue Reading →

Back to the basics

There is one thing I like but almost never cook because it takes to long to prepare for most of my evenings, and I don't have the special gear required to make it look really good: it's Japanese dashi-rolled omelette だし卵焼き(dashitamagoyaki). The preparation is really easy it's just that to roll it correctly you need... Continue Reading →

An other Japanese one-plate

Brown rice is really often on the menu and with the summer slowly coming in, together with the rainy season I crave for simple Japanese tastes: miso, pickled vegetables... And because I spent a lot of time working on a big grant proposal this weekend I needed to cook simple things that I could eventually... Continue Reading →

New plates and colorful one-plate

You may have noticed that new plates have suddenly appeared since Saturday. Watching to many beautiful plates on IG I thought it was high time to renew our plates, to offer different plating options. After looking for quite some time and not being able to find exactly what I wanted I finally opted for simple... Continue Reading →

Deconstructed frittata

I am really in love with this whole wheat pasta and in particular penne that can be found super easily in any good supermarket in Tokyo. This time it's deconstructed frittata style for two with already cooked pasta, one new onion, one capsicum, three eggs all cooked in a greased pan, and a handful of... Continue Reading →

Improvised dinner for friends

Our friends visiting from Germany spent the weekend with us in Tokyo with daytime busy visiting the city, museums, flea markets, and kabuki, trying some nice cafes too, and evening at home, I've cooked for them Japanese as much as possible but not only, in particular for an improvised late dinner at home after a... Continue Reading →

My cooking process

It's always the same. There are weeks when we are just busy and then there are weeks when we are busy and we have friends visiting in Tokyo, colleagues from abroad, party and outing with work all at the same time. This means a lot of dining out and much less sleep than usual and... Continue Reading →

Breakfast time

When we were in Karuizawa, they would serve delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast, so this morning when I asked A. What he wanted to eat he asked for creamy scrambled eggs to accompany the dried tomatoes fougasse I was making. Perfect since I just bought fresh eggs. For the fougasse I used my classic recipe,... Continue Reading →

Short but intense week

Yup!! Today is the last of the week for me!!  But squeezing in a whole week of work in 3 days is quite a challenge. Plus this is the end of the year for students in Japan and that means a lot of thesis reading, preparation for presentations and grading. So from 8:00 to 22:00... Continue Reading →

Making (good) cooking mistakes

With beautiful spinaches in the fridge I was wondering what to do with and decided that I should use this pack of flour I had bought in Tsunan this summer. Of buckwheat floor right? Buckwheat and spinaches are really a good match! So let's make a thin crust and add the spinaches with some eggs.... Continue Reading →

Mexican inspiration

It's cold in the evening and I am glad the week is almost finished, I can only look forward the days to come in the country with some discussions for the reform of the bathroom! So to cheer us up for the last draw I prepared a colorful plate with plenty of yummy fresh veggies.... Continue Reading →

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