Chandeleur VS Setsubun

In France, on February 2nd, it’s Chandeleur. A quick search on the internet told me that it’s Candlemas, a Christian celebration, 40 days after Christmas, the presentation of Jesus to the temple (thanks Wikipedia for enlightening my ignorance), but for me Chandeleur was just the day we ate crepes. A most awaited time as for... Continue Reading →

Lemon cake

For my birthday for the past 6 or 7 years, when possible, A. bakes me a birthday cake of my choice. The season is such that it involves often lemon or apple. This year the tradition went on and he prepared on my request a lemon cake. With the lemon just harvested in the garden.... Continue Reading →

Getting old…

Tomorrow I'll turn one year up... now I know that I didn't achieve my main goal for this year, despite trying hard for the past few years, but I realized I actually don't care much because it doesn't depend on me actually but on appreciation of others, and being alien in a conservative country doesn't... Continue Reading →

Harbor market

Every Sunday morning from 8 to 12 there is a "harbor market" at Ohara fishing harbor. We don't go very often because the main attractions there are fresh shellfish grilled on the spot, and there are more stalls that have ready to eat food than truly food to buy to take home and prepare. But... Continue Reading →

Simmered kabocha

All a sudden it has become very cold and warm food, rich and tasty is more than necessary. During the autumn I have used a lot of butternut squash, leaving the little Japanese kabocha on the side for a while, knowing that they would be right there when needed in the winter, as the season... Continue Reading →

Soup or so

After the snow last week, the snow again this week. The weather in Tokyo was gloomy all of Thursday and Friday and I wanted some simple warm food. One thing I really love in winter is Japanese cabbages. They are perfect steamed with olive oil, thyme and salt, raw with miso, but not only. With... Continue Reading →


Quite a week, and it’s only Thursday!!!  So let’s get back to when I left you last Saturday... Sunday evening we had 4 guests (mix of French and Japanese) for dinner at home in Tokyo so I cooked some of my half new recipes: creamy cauliflower soup with curried croutons (recipe below), pork cutlet with... Continue Reading →

Late night dinner

There are days (quite many recently) like that... when I start cooking past 23:00 for our dinner. We’re obviously starving after a long day at work, but nonetheless we want something fresh and tasty. I found that’s often when I get the most creative, in particular when the ingredients are limited as in winter (in... Continue Reading →

Shiitake and spinach quiche

This is the end of winter, but it is still chilly and though the spring greens are quite attractive, sometimes a good all winter quiche with spinach and shiitake is a perfect dinner. And because I find that a short movie is easier to understand the technique than long sentences I am trying again to... Continue Reading →


How do you like your cauliflower? For me it's raw, steamed, boiled, grilled, in gratin, in soup, in purée, with olive oil, with butter, with lemon juice, with just a pinch of salt... yes, you've got it. We love cauliflower at home, as well as his friends broccoli and romanesco and it is just the... Continue Reading →

Japanese style pasta

In Japan there are plenty of Italian restaurants but many serve not a genuine Italian company cuisine, but rather pasta, or more spaghetti, with a strong Japanese touch. The much classic would be mentaiko - 明太子, some kind of poutargue, or spucy fish eggs, with nori. But it goes much beyond that. At first it... Continue Reading →

Warm soup for cold day

Since I was in France in November when it snowed in Tokyo, today was the first snow of the winter for me. It only snowed to be cold, wet but not white, but I don't mind because we ste going to the mountains soon and we will have plenty if snow and white there! But... Continue Reading →

Plum trees start to bloom

It's been a few weeks that the red plum trees in the garden were boiling to bloom, now it's official plum flower season has started. Even some if the white plum trees have started to bloom too. It is one of my favorite moment in the year. It is still cold but spring is already... Continue Reading →

Vegan pasta

What better than a pasta plate for dinner when in a rush? And to accomodate it: spinach and tofu simply cooked in olive oil. So simply delicious now with the pick of the spinach season, they are so soft and sweet. Boil the pasta of your choice and drain them. In the meantime, start draining a puece... Continue Reading →

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

This is the perfect winter dish for a busy evening! Super simple to prepare in a short time and you can prepare it before and reheat it just before eating.For two people I use 1/6 of kabocha, 5 mushrooms, risotto rice of your choice, olive oil, salt and pepper and I finished my plate with... Continue Reading →

A little soup

With some yellow carots, red carrots and normal carrots, some lotus root, some potatoes, and with some Italian beans soup mix that I cooked for lunch, I made for dinner this warm and rich vegan soup. Very very simple and so quick if you have cooked the beans before (optimally leftovers). In a large pan... Continue Reading →


I was in the mood for a little cooking experiment: something in between an okonomiyaki and a galette, with plenty of veggies. Vegan, gluten/free, delicious and colorful. I used plenty of the veggies I had in the fridge: sweet potato, sato imo, lotus root, and carrot. I peeled and cut them then grilled them in... Continue Reading →

One-plate lunch

What best when it's getting chilly outside than a bowl of hot and steamy white rice? And to complete the lunch, a plate with angelic (ashitaba-明日葉) omelette, grilled pork, grilled cherry tomatoes and turnips with miso. Very quick to prepare, tasty and warming! I am also very pleased to use my new Arita yaki bowls! 

Quenelles sequel

So once you have made some oven grilled quenelles, the next thing you can do is a green soup.  for that green soup, as I mentioned yesterday it is very simple, green leaves of any kind work perfectly: spinach, radish tops, turnip tops, salad... and since I found beautiful radishes with perfect green and yound... Continue Reading →

Quinoa soup

What if suddenly the temperature drops again and it feels like winter again?Nothing as simple as a making a quinoa soup! I've spotted the recipe the very first time I was browsing my vegetarian cookbook received for Xmas, and didn't had a chance to make it before: no quinoa, not the proper veggies, to warm...... Continue Reading →

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