Until today I couldn't really say "I've been in Toronto". When I was a teenager I spent a few hours there on a trip to Niagara with my American family, I remembered the CN tower and around but that was all. So when D. and C. proposed to spend the weekend in Toronto while I... Continue Reading →


What was supposed to be a nice and peaceful trip to Italy and France started with quite a bit of a commotion with a few centimeters of snow in Paris... and I landed in Paris at 4:00AM only to learn a few hours later that the flights to Florence I was successively checked-in were all... Continue Reading →

Where is “home”?

It's a bit of a weird week, with travel, changes, so I'm getting a bit lost! We went to Shanghai for two days, where A. was working, abd I took this opportunity as a writing retreat when I was not disturbed abd could focus on my work. It was very productive, the weather very helpful... Continue Reading →

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