An old recipe

Making a quiche requires quite many ingredients. First flour and butter for the dough, then eggs and milk or cream fir the egg base and finally something to put in: vegetables, bacon, fish, cheese... then it takes 30-40min to bake it to perfection. It’s not something you prepare and serve 20min after you’ve started cooking.... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot again!

We are moving in our new apartment tomorrow, but getting everything ready and working doesn’t mean not cooking, we have to eat 😉 Luckily we are only moving vertically so it’s quite easy to go and meet with the workers in between two online meetings, and anyway we decided not to do a lot of... Continue Reading →

Indian cooking

A while ago, one of my former student from India offered me a set of Indian spices... It took me a while to know what to do, and finally, upon recommendation of a Canadian friend who cooked for me an amazing Indian curry some years ago, I asked for Vij's at Home: Relax, Honey: The... Continue Reading →

Call it cooking… or not

But damn... this was a super delicious combination... You remember me cooking in apron over my suit right after work? Well I was preparing dinner with the leftover veggies: kabocha and tomatoes. I also picked some fresh parsley in the garden and was thinking about what to do with them when the crave for soba... Continue Reading →


I don't know why, but quiche and pizza are two things I could eat anytime. Winter, summer, with fresh seasonal vegetables, it's always happiness in my plate!!! Recently I haven't kneaded much... week days are all too busy and weekends none the less but with different activities and more to come as our construction is... Continue Reading →

Bacalau – すきみ鱈

Bacalau, salted cod, is something I have been eating for ever. It is part of the traditional aïoli from Provence and also from the French Caribbean islands the Antilles, acra and in féroce d'avocat, a delicious avocado base recipe. Seeing how much cod is a popular fish in Japan, and sun-dried fishes himono-干物, are also... Continue Reading →

Italy meets Japan again

Saturday I spent some time browsing cookbooks, looking at their beautiful pictures and slowly moving from the winter mood to the spring mood. I was focusing on two very different books: a Japanese macrobiotic cookbook from Brownsfield owner elder daughter Shinema Nakajima, and a Sicilian cookbook by bloggers Maria Teresa di Marco and Marie Cecile... Continue Reading →

Crepes or cookies

I wanted to talk about one or the other in my post today but I decided to do otherwise because my cookies recipe is great but the baking time wasn't good (I slightly over baked them) so it needs another trial before being shared. And crepes... well... it was Chandeleur on Saturday and I thought... Continue Reading →

The small things

Tonight I'm back home at 21:30, that's the earliest I got home in quite some time. Though it's only Wednesday our fridge is almost empty already: obviously I didn't shop enough this weekend in the countryside. Yet I have a last one of these late summer giant and very ripe tomatoes, so I decided to... Continue Reading →

Corn meal

I haven't baked a quiche since July 1st and it was more than enough waiting for making one... I baked plenty of fruit tarts during the summer but no quiche... really a pity!!! So I was all about making a classic spinach and tofu quiche for lunch today... but when picking the flour in the... Continue Reading →

Wafu pasta

The way of preparing pasta is unlimited and using Japanese ingredients with pasta may be really strange at first but it is not at all so strange in the end, it's actually rather good. They are called wafu pasta (和風パスタ) and are actually quite common in Japan, they are regular pasta (most often spaghetti) with... Continue Reading →

Anchovies and grapefruit pasta

The weather in Kanto area has been quite amazing these past weeks. The summer is blasting with a real summer heat and sunny days or with just a few clouds are following each other without a drop of rain. Even the evening storms are not really coming... with such heat cooking is becoming more complicated... Continue Reading →

Jute mallow

モロヘイヤ (say moroheiya) or jute mallow is a summer green that us eaten often in Japan in miso soup and tempura. I've known it for long but was barely cooking it until last summer when we visited our friends in Tsunan and K. prepared some. This little green plant is like okra or yamaimo, it... Continue Reading →


I used to prepare a lot of gaspacho in the past, using canned tomatoes... "in the past" was probably 15 or 20 years ago. Then I stopped buying canned tomatoes and never felt that the tomatoes in the supermarket were good enough for such a simple recipe that requires very good tomatoes... and then we... Continue Reading →

A very classic dish twisted

This preparation has the taste of my childhood... it is something my mum cooks often and very close to the first one she cooked when A. first visited them. Mum would cook it with rice, but without too much time polenta is a faster option. And the fish... it could be tuna or bonito. In... Continue Reading →

3 days without cooking!

I was in France for work for the last 3 days and I didn’t have a chance to cook while away, so I was very excited to go to the country right after getting of the plane. A. came to pick me at the airport and we drove straight to Ohara. Even if it was... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 5!

And here is the last recipe of this shiitake week! I could have added many more like shiitake quiche, shiitake soup... But weekend is for new creative cooking... we’ll see tomorrow what the farmers market will inspire us... though I am craving for homemade gnocchi, rich quiche and more takikomi gohan... and I have a... Continue Reading →

Fresh quinoa salad

If my weeks are busy with work my weekends are none the less busy with other activities: going swimming in the ocean in the morning and in the evening, working on some of my sewing/embroidery projects, gardening, baking, playing tennis, socializing... and when it's hot outside I feel like eating nothing else than super fresh... Continue Reading →

Summer salad

Well well summer is really here and it's just the beginning, temperature are going to rise even further I guess. So preparing simple fresh food is really my main cooking focus, yet each time I want to prepare something different, new, even if most of the basic ingredients are the same: new potatoes, green beans,... Continue Reading →

Curry soup

A few weeks ago, one day when the weather was awfully rainy, we went out for lunch in a new place we haven't tried before: Green +. It's a small cafe a bit remote with a chef that cooks vegan local food using tones of herbs and mild spices. The lunch menu is rather simple:... Continue Reading →

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