Special guest: Eliane

The Causse Mejean doesn't have too many places to eat out and enjoy local products nor sleeping options... but it wasn't always the case... until 15 years ago there was a magic place where to eat and that was also an inn. The place where my parents went while looking for a place to sleep... Continue Reading →

Plum works

A story of great success and massive failures... Like every year in June I did my share of plum works. With a garden that produces a lot more fruits that I can handle, I actually spend more time picking fruits to give away rather then cooking them. This year I prepared umeboshi like every year,... Continue Reading →

Osmanthus fragrans syrup

In the garden, blooming in September we have about 5 or 6 osmanthus fragans or 金木犀 kinmokusei in Japanese . First I didn't know what it was and I was just charmed by the lovely smell coming from these very tiny orange flowers. It blooms when crape myrtle サルスベリ sarusuberi flowers start to finish, and... Continue Reading →

Plum syrup

When I harvested the plums this year I used them mainly for umeshu for my family and plum syrup for me. Indeed, I love to prepare myself some fancy drinks using homemade syrups. They are so much better than anything that can be found of the shelf. Last year I made some strawberry tree (bay... Continue Reading →

Bayberry – 山桃

We have a bayberry tree in our garden. At first it was so much fighting with the surrounding trees it was small and not giving really fruits but now that we've trimmed trees around and at the foot remove all the weed and tiny bamboos it's growing quite quickly and this year it is giving... Continue Reading →

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