Garden greens

After one week cooking potatoes in many different ways, we started missing pasta. So it was time for a change to cook some. I love all sort of pasta and often forget how delicious spaghetti are, in particular when well dressed. So with the garden producing a little more than potatoes, though I must admit... Continue Reading →

Colorful potato salad

The first recipe for this potatoes week is very simple. I wanted a preparation that would let us enjoy the difference between the two types of potatoes we grew and would be a full lunch. Well... I simply decided on a self grown plate with only staples from our kitchen garden. Well the choice is... Continue Reading →

Spring greens

My kitchen garden seems to be doing ok! Every week I harvest something, and recently it's been focused on snap peas and herbs. Two plants of peas actually have been producing a handful of snap peas every week, which is just the perfect amount for us so far, as I used them mixed with other... Continue Reading →

Green plate

The golden week continues with friends visiting and a lot of cooking for our guests. So when things get quieter I cook some very simple things with one of the seasonal product: yama udo. The first time we ate yama udo was in Tsunan with our friends when we went to pick some. Compared to... Continue Reading →

D-4 – snap peas

Oh my god! In 4 days my lab at the university is moving and things have gotten a little bit out of control. I'm very lucky to have a great crowd of researchers and students to help prepare this big change. But the moving is just one thing among many many others that I have... Continue Reading →

Golden week

We have almost always spent our golden weeks in Soto Boso, even before we had a house there. Our first golden week, we spent it in Onjuku in a fishing minshuku, except that we weren't fishing! Then for may be 4 or 5 years we came by scooter, touring from north to south, and also... Continue Reading →

New wakame

There's a season for everything and now is the season of new wakame apparently. This dried seaweed that is most often used in miso soup and in salad can be used in a variety of recipes I assumed and so I tried something half French half Japanese for this recipe. It all started with the... Continue Reading →

Spring savory delights

Nothing to do with the recipe I am presenting today, but the other night we went to check the newly opened Tokyo midtown Hibiya. A new building with many shops, a large Toho cinema and a terrace garden with a view on Hibiya park and the imperial palace. The place just opened so it was... Continue Reading →

Spring in the plate!

It's getting warmer, out the winter coats! And the spring vegetables are everywhere on the market shelves!  I couldn't resist to preparing the first spring vegetables sautéed of the year. A classic in our house that can accompany fish, meat, tofu, eggs, or just be eaten like that. Choose the spring vegetables of your choice:... Continue Reading →

Japanese style pasta

And here we are with a new recipe of Japanese pasta. Honestly I didn't think I would like this combination so much but in the end I prepare some more than often after the one with pickled cabbage. So this time I prepared a vegan  base with new onion, canola, snap peas, fried tofu, to... Continue Reading →

Back to the basics

There is one thing I like but almost never cook because it takes to long to prepare for most of my evenings, and I don't have the special gear required to make it look really good: it's Japanese dashi-rolled omelette だし卵焼き(dashitamagoyaki). The preparation is really easy it's just that to roll it correctly you need... Continue Reading →

Snap peas and onion risotto

We are slowly going towards the rainy season and it's getting towards the end of the season for spring vegetables in Tokyo area, soon we will have melon, zucchini, okras... But before it ends really let's enjoy some more spring greens!!! Snap peas are very easy to cook, they just need to be blanched, and... Continue Reading →

Spring veggies quiche

Too happy with last week Japanese style quiche I've continued for our guests this week with a spring version. I've made the dough with buckwheat flour which makes it really crispy and for the veggies I used new onion, broad beans, snap peas and broccoli.

Greens part 2

Cold  version of the greens with raw zucchini, almost raw asparagus and snap peas, little radish, avocado and purple cabbage sprouts, a bit of Sicilian olive oil, and additional on the side grilled bonito. Fresh and delicious recipe perfect both for lunch or dinner.

Greens part 1

The farmers market was full of greens, of all sorts, leafy, flowery, sprouty... And we couldn't resist... So now the fridge is full of fresh greens to be eaten, and it's good because I working next Saturday and won't be able to refill, plus we have guests for dinner Friday evening.  I particularly was happy... Continue Reading →

Spring donburi

Simple to prepare, all served at once, colorful and super delicious, I wonder why I don't prepare some more often! With fresh green peas and snap peas, a bit of pork from Isumi and some Koshiikari from Isumi too, nothing much simple than preparing a delicious spring donburi. For the seasonning just a few drops... Continue Reading →

An other dinner at home

What to cook for your friends visiting Japan when you are back from work past 21:00 and everyone is starving? A soba salad with spring veggies of course!!! Spring veggies: asparagus, snap peas, green peas, are very easy to prepare and require very little cooking, just blanching them for 2min. Soba are also quick to... Continue Reading →

Greens and flounder

In Japan, fish is really delicious and it is not so difficult to find fresh wild fishes from safe places. Spending time in Chiba's prefecture Sotobo we have access to really amazing products, when the weather allows it. Recently flounder has been really abundant. And with my parents visiting us I must prepare a lot... Continue Reading →

Cold buckwheat noodles salad

Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat and by extension buckwheat noodles. You can find soba-ya: restaurants serving soba pretty much everywhere and there are several places accross the country famous for the production of soba that it makes them something really common. I wanted badly to mske my own noodles but on that day... Continue Reading →

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