Burdock – 牛蒡

With the fall, burdock 牛蒡 gobou is back in season. This long root that looks like a salsifis but is firm and ressembles in texture artichokes, and a bit in taste too... is a classic flavor in Japanese cuisine. Probably because of a rather country style strong flavor and its fibrous texture, it often appears... Continue Reading →

One week…

This week was just like another, but it felt looooong and painful, busy with work (I’ve started a new online robotics course that keeps me busy, among the many other things I work on)... It was also our first week of telework for the both of us together in our new apartment with schedules not... Continue Reading →

Qagħaq tal-Ħmira

I love breads of all kinds and I'm always happy to try local breads when traveling. In Malta I didn't expect I would fell so much in love with one of their bread: Qagħaq tal-Ħmira, sesame, anis, spices rings. We had one the very first morning when we were at the Birkirkara market, and after... Continue Reading →


When the season for persimmons comes it means that autumn is clearly here and with shorter days, the chilly evenings will be coming soon. And here they are. Not cold enough to tuen the heater on yet, but it's coming. While we are not big fans of raw persimmons, like pretty much everyone in Chiba... Continue Reading →

Tofu ae – 豆腐和え

This recipe is a classic from Japanese cuisine and Japanese cha kaiseki cuisine. I've eaten it many times when going to typical Japanese restaurants and I learned how to make it properly when I was taking cha kaiseki lessons. I use the same base in a persimmon recipe I created and it's called tofu ae.... Continue Reading →


I went to pick leekswith my neighbor in her garden. She grew plenty but doesn't seem to eat as many as she has, so she gave me plenty. I also found some fresh salmon from Miyagi, that I am quite found about, so I decided to prepare a leek and salmon quiche. I revisited this... Continue Reading →

Shojin cuisine

As I was questioning myself about Buddhist cuisine in China regarding these Chinese beancurd noodles, I decided to do a bit of search and reopen my Shojin cuisine book. I was right, until the 18th century in China buddhist and taoist temples would only serve vegetables soup and tea to pilgrims, the same thing monks... Continue Reading →

Canola flowers – 菜の花

In a flash we went from cabbages and sweet potatoes to fukinoto and canola flowers. It’s almost spring already, and the vegetables at the farmers market let you know that! Of course it’s only the beginning, and it is nice and interesting to mix winter and early spring ingredients. Canola flowers are versatile and I... Continue Reading →

Crazy week(s)

I knew January would be a tough and busy month and it is exactly what it is. It is the season for student graduation thesis and I have a pile of them to read before the end of the month. It is also the moment to think about final exams for the course I teach.... Continue Reading →

Two simple Japanese recipes

With some guests from France at home this weekend I cooked some simple Japanese recipes that they could reproduce back home. And because the weather was really terrible I could take all the time needed to chop thinly the vegetables and prepare recipes I usually don't.The two recipes I prepared were daikon and miso, and... Continue Reading →

Summer salad

Well well summer is really here and it's just the beginning, temperature are going to rise even further I guess. So preparing simple fresh food is really my main cooking focus, yet each time I want to prepare something different, new, even if most of the basic ingredients are the same: new potatoes, green beans,... Continue Reading →

Plum trees start to bloom

It's been a few weeks that the red plum trees in the garden were boiling to bloom, now it's official plum flower season has started. Even some if the white plum trees have started to bloom too. It is one of my favorite moment in the year. It is still cold but spring is already... Continue Reading →

Cabbage and sticky potato salad

12 years ago we arrived in Tokyo and moved in our first Tokyoite apartment in Nezu. At that time I was working at the university of Tokyo, a 5min walk from there. Settling in Tokyo without speaking Japanese was a lot of fun but not always easy. A. was not working at that time yet... Continue Reading →

Back to “normal”

After one full week of reunited Tokyo Paris sisters, it is time to part again, not for too long, since we'll reunite with our whole family for another Christmas in Sicily, which I am very much looking forward too!!! One week with guests at home and usual work is always quite intense. Dining out, waking... Continue Reading →

An all-time favorite

This simple dish with little variations is one of my favorite quickly ready Japanese dish. I cook it from autumn to early spring in a series of variations while the seasons change. Starting with plenty of mushrooms towards green peas. Sweet potatoes, burdock, kabocha are so beautiful now that I have decided to start cooking... Continue Reading →

Brown rice 💛💛💛 玄米

With a mother nutritionist, Prunellia and I have been raised in an environment where food was always important, both in gustative quality and in nutritional quality. I remember as a child playing a game called "manger juste" (eat right) where one has to built up well balanced menu with the food on the cards, depending... Continue Reading →

Sesame fougasse

Oil base breads are probably what I am best at and what I enjoy the most to knead. After I've through the classis foccacia, fougasses etc, I wanted to invent my own recipes. My first one is a sesame fougasse.  I used 250g of flour, 120g of water, 14g of sordough, 3g of dry natural... Continue Reading →

Persimmmon and turnip salad

We harvested some more persimmons today and I really have a lot!! So I'm trying a few recipes with persimmons, after the not too conclusive jam experiment. Back when I was going to cha-kaiseki classes there was a really nice autumn recipe of persimmon in salad. Later I found other recipes that inspired me, and... Continue Reading →

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