Japanese simplicity

Who said that cooking Japanese cuisine was complex??? I have the simplest and most delicious recipe of miso soup for you today and an ultra easy ochazuke recipe. Of course both require basic Japanese ingredients: dashi, and miso for the first one, and Japanese rice, dashi and umeboshi for the second one. Indeed now is... Continue Reading →

Purple potatoes soup

Continuing the week with a recipe that this time uses only purple ratte potatoes, that is simple, delicious and beautiful: a cold creamy soup. All you need is a few purple potatoes, some fresh cream or milk, salt and pepper. Yes! That's the only ingredients in my recipe. Cold potatoes soup - 3 purple ratte... Continue Reading →

Fava beans gyoza

I could have started a "fava beans week" and write everyday a new recipe using them, whether Japanese, Italian or French... but I was alone these days, A. traveling again for work, and my work is kind of busy... a lot of things have suddenly started to move forward since February, after months if not... Continue Reading →

Lemon cake

For my birthday for the past 6 or 7 years, when possible, A. bakes me a birthday cake of my choice. The season is such that it involves often lemon or apple. This year the tradition went on and he prepared on my request a lemon cake. With the lemon just harvested in the garden.... Continue Reading →


Well... I'm just back to Tokyo after spending one week in Tuscany, one beautiful week. It was A. 5th trip and my third in the span of 9months and now is time to share a few addresses and places I really loved. One of my strong requirement during our trips was to have a kitchen,... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoots – 筍

The season for bamboo shoots has started for sure and it goes together with the season for Japanese pepper or sansho 山椒 fresh leaves also called kinome. The sansho shrub in our garden is actually growing steadily after I thought it might be dying last summer and there are plenty of new leaves and soon... Continue Reading →

Cresson quiche

To conclude this series of watercress recipe I would like to present you a simple quiche recipe where I have added some watercress to the egg base. For the pie crust I used an olive oil base because I was short on time and I find that kneading with olive oil is much faster than... Continue Reading →

Soup or so

After the snow last week, the snow again this week. The weather in Tokyo was gloomy all of Thursday and Friday and I wanted some simple warm food. One thing I really love in winter is Japanese cabbages. They are perfect steamed with olive oil, thyme and salt, raw with miso, but not only. With... Continue Reading →

Home-made tagliatelle

As planned there will be a lot of pasta in 2018, and it has already started! For Xmas I received a motor for my pasta machine!!! Not that I am a big fan of going mechanical, I prefer to knead manually, to chop manually, to ground coffee manually... but I must admit that with the... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 4!

Some time ago I was writing about my worst culinary failure ever when I made my first miso eggplants. The recipe came from the very Japanese cooking book I bought. And this book has been very precious for us when we started to live in Tokyo. “Simple & delicious Japanese cooking” by Keiko Hayashi has been... Continue Reading →

Brown rice

When we are in Isumi I like to go to Rice Terrace restaurant for a macrobiotic lunch outdoor, but I don't like to go when it rains because the whole place is designed to enjoy being outside and there are usually too many families and it can become very noisy. Luckily we found an other... Continue Reading →

Japanese summer noodles

In the summer, it is very common to eat chilled or cold noodles in Japan. Cold soba, cold udon... but one of the most popular is probably cold somen. These are thin wheat noodles that are very quick to boil, and very quick to cool down. They are served with a lot of different items... Continue Reading →

Spring in the plate!

It's getting warmer, out the winter coats! And the spring vegetables are everywhere on the market shelves!  I couldn't resist to preparing the first spring vegetables sautéed of the year. A classic in our house that can accompany fish, meat, tofu, eggs, or just be eaten like that. Choose the spring vegetables of your choice:... Continue Reading →

Kumquat-shiitake-pork pasta

A new video testing with the preparation of a a singular recipe: pasta with a sauce made with shiitake, kumquats and thin slices of pork. A very nice and surprising combination that puts a bit of warmth and colors in a gloomy rainy day. Tell me how you like the video or what you would... Continue Reading →

Kabocha here, kabocha there!

Autumnal weather with cool evenings and beautiful days calls for some autumnal ingredients. Kabocha is one I love. As you can have seen from my previous posts, it is in almost all my recipes these days: soup, sauteed... and it goes perfectly well with Japanese food, western food... And bonus it cooks very quickly which... Continue Reading →

Autumn quinoa soup

Last Christmas my parents offered me a giant book on vegetarian cooking. I've tried several recipes from that book and a lot of inspiration. I also learned a lot about some basic preparations. But if there were only one recipe to remember about it, the one that I would have not thought of, it's the... Continue Reading →

Fresh ginger!

It is now the season for fresh ginger. Fresh ginger looks very much like "old" ginger that is commonly found in supermarkets all over the world, but instead of a dry and thick skin and a very rooty aspect, fresh ginger has a whitish-pinkish color with a very thin skin and a much softer structure... Continue Reading →

Japanese one plate

It looks a lot like a French dish or an anywhere dish: seasonal vegetables slightly sautéed and oven grilled cod. But I gave it a Japanese twist by glazing the vegetables in soya sauce, a bit of sugar and mirin, and by covering the fresh cod with a thin layer of red miso. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

New plates and colorful one-plate

You may have noticed that new plates have suddenly appeared since Saturday. Watching to many beautiful plates on IG I thought it was high time to renew our plates, to offer different plating options. After looking for quite some time and not being able to find exactly what I wanted I finally opted for simple... Continue Reading →

Greens part 2

Cold  version of the greens with raw zucchini, almost raw asparagus and snap peas, little radish, avocado and purple cabbage sprouts, a bit of Sicilian olive oil, and additional on the side grilled bonito. Fresh and delicious recipe perfect both for lunch or dinner.

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