Kohlrabi and edamame salad

As I was telling you, kohlrabi is my new best cooking ingredient. Sautéed it is great with other vegetables, pasta... but kohlrabi is also delicious raw. Many recipes I saw on the internet inspired me while looking for ideas how to cook it. And if the weather is called one day it is warm and... Continue Reading →

All mixed inspirations

Sometimes that's what happens... you have a fresh piece of sashimi red snapper, fresh baby leaf salad, homemade umeboshi and you want to eat them altogether. Now what would be the simplest carb to go with would be obviously Japanese rice. But when it's late and hungry mouths are begging for food... rice is not... Continue Reading →

Fresh quinoa salad

If my weeks are busy with work my weekends are none the less busy with other activities: going swimming in the ocean in the morning and in the evening, working on some of my sewing/embroidery projects, gardening, baking, playing tennis, socializing... and when it's hot outside I feel like eating nothing else than super fresh... Continue Reading →

Japanese summer noodles

In the summer, it is very common to eat chilled or cold noodles in Japan. Cold soba, cold udon... but one of the most popular is probably cold somen. These are thin wheat noodles that are very quick to boil, and very quick to cool down. They are served with a lot of different items... Continue Reading →

Summer salad

Well well summer is really here and it's just the beginning, temperature are going to rise even further I guess. So preparing simple fresh food is really my main cooking focus, yet each time I want to prepare something different, new, even if most of the basic ingredients are the same: new potatoes, green beans,... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen!

After a week away from home and the last three days eating out, we were missing some simple homemade food, with no dressing but just a few drops of olive oil, and some Japanese rice. I was also missing to cook, so the first thing I did once home was to go shopping for fresh... Continue Reading →

Green salad

Winter and spring continue their little twists. My cooking is thus following the same pace. And for a warm spring day I prepared a nice little green salad with fresh lettuce, cucumber, okara and plenty of fresh coriander. Very simple and fresh. For the dressing I simply used a tbs of soya sauce. This salad... Continue Reading →

Cabbage and sticky potato salad

12 years ago we arrived in Tokyo and moved in our first Tokyoite apartment in Nezu. At that time I was working at the university of Tokyo, a 5min walk from there. Settling in Tokyo without speaking Japanese was a lot of fun but not always easy. A. was not working at that time yet... Continue Reading →

Summer plate

The very first days of sudden hot weather always make me happy but I have a hard time adjusting with the temperature and never know what are the proper clothing. I feel kind of feverish without being sick. When this happens I like super simple a freshfood, eating melon and grapes a lot, and preparing... Continue Reading →

Quinoa salad

Nothing too fancy here but just a very simple fresh recipe that is very rapid to prepare, colorful and tasty. Perfect when the weather is warm and nice as it was yesterday. I just boil quinoa, rince it in cold water and drain it well, add the fresh vegetables I have available, here a cucumber... Continue Reading →

Quick dinner fix

I left work earlier than usual on Friday to have time to boil some potatoes and prepare our bags for the weekend because I knew that once we would arrive in Ohara we will be more busy with the kittens than actually thinking of having dinner!! And it was so true!!! First I had to... Continue Reading →

Fresh salad

One day is really warm, the next is chilly... One day I want simple veggies salad, the next something hot and full of energy. This time was warm and I was fancying a fresh salad with simple vegetables to go with some simple pasta. With a wide variety of small radishes, small tomatoes, fresh cucumbers,... Continue Reading →

One-plate salad

This morning the farmers market showed me once again that it is not clear which season we're in!!! The transition seems to take an unusually long time and daikon and cabbages were lined together with strawberries and new wasabi leaves. It gave me the idea to prepare us a warm/cold salad with warm green lentils... Continue Reading →

Saturday one-bowl lunch

I've heard often that when I was a kid I wouldn't eat nor sleep. I remember very well not sleeping and that's why I had my first robot: robby, a robot that would lit up when, scared I would wake up and cry for someone. Robby would also play with me. My first robot was... Continue Reading →

Colorful winter plate

It's incredible the sudden change in temperature and weather, one day is winter, one day spring. Some of the plum trees in the garden ate already starting to bloom which is incredibly early. So for the food it's one meal winter one meal spring and a colorful is always welcome and with a beautiful red... Continue Reading →

Red cabbage salad

Nothing here too experimental with this recipe, but I've been craving for red cabbage salad. And it makes a perfect Monday fix for dinner when I'm in a rush. So I just sliced thinly about 1/4 or less of red cabbage, added some fresh baby leaf salad or just a few leaves of salad and fresh... Continue Reading →

Purple salad

At the local farmers market I found this beautiful purple mizuna that I already used in a recipe Sunday. I love mizuna because it's fresh, crunchy and easy to prepare, and this purple one is particularly pretty. I also found some beautiful purple sweet potatoes (紫芋-murasaki imo) and decided to prepare a big salad for... Continue Reading →

Quinoa bowl

A pure bowl of yumminess! With quinoa simply boiled, baby leaf salad, diced avocado and dried salted konbu (shio konbu - 塩昆布), and the juice of a local lime for a late Friday evening dinner in the country. I love shio konbu, it accomodates very well with Japanese and non Japanese dishes. It tastes slightly... Continue Reading →

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