Planned leftovers…

While in Japan we are far from being locked down like many in the west, the spike in covid-19 cases in Tokyo has pushed us to action. In the lab I’ve been preparing for weeks for telework and remote access to our equipment, and also consignment out of some devices to our teams to limit... Continue Reading →

Ochazuke – お茶漬け

Those who are familiar with Yasujiro Ozu's movies must know "The flavor of green tea over rice" or "お茶漬けの味", while being a cinematographic beauty and a brilliant socio-cultural representation of the the Japanese society transition of the time, it also introduces to a large audience ochazuke. Literally, as in the movie, it's a dish that... Continue Reading →

Sakura risotto

As I was writing last time, it's just the peak season for sakura viewing. And therefore I thought of using sakura flowers in some recipes again. The classic would be sakura rice or sakura rice balls, but since my parents are staying with us and my dad was crying for a risotto, in remembrance of... Continue Reading →

Spring is here!

After the fukinoto and the canola which both announce the arrival of spring and the cold unstable weather that usually accompany the plum blossom end, the next step is the real arrival of spring in late March or early April with the famous cherry blossoms of course, Mole's quince and the jonquils putting beautiful colors... Continue Reading →

Italy meets Japan again

Saturday I spent some time browsing cookbooks, looking at their beautiful pictures and slowly moving from the winter mood to the spring mood. I was focusing on two very different books: a Japanese macrobiotic cookbook from Brownsfield owner elder daughter Shinema Nakajima, and a Sicilian cookbook by bloggers Maria Teresa di Marco and Marie Cecile... Continue Reading →

Simple food: rice

Though when we were first traveling to Japan about 20 years ago, I would get tired of eating rice 3 times a day after one week, now I think I eat rice not enough and I am never tired of it, be it 3 times a day, every days! It can be plain white rice... Continue Reading →

Moyashi – soya sprouts

Soya sprouts (or moyashi) are one of these things I love but I hardly buy and cook because it's hard to find some that are made properly. I remember reading about how they were made and stopped eating some. So last night when We went shopping after flying back from France, and I found organic... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash love

Since the very first I saw this season I have bought butternut squash every week and I am not yet tired of it. Whether it is with Japanese rice, risotto, faro, pasta or quinoa, it is always great. In jumbo ravioli also it is perfect. I love the taste and the texture and I love... Continue Reading →

Orange risotto

Sometimes the weather feels like eating something warm and with vibrant colors... this weather is just now! Rainy, getting chilly and tired... a bright orange risotto was just what I needed!!! Carrots for the crunch, butternut for the soft, salmon for the salt and kabosu for the fresh and acid taste. That's as simple as... Continue Reading →

Rice, umeboshi and diy

Recently it's been pretty busy both at work and at home. A new job for A. some new challenges and experiments for me, our days in Tokyo pass through without noticing. And when in the countryside it's very much the same... when we are not working we have a lot of projects inside and outside... Continue Reading →

D-4 – snap peas

Oh my god! In 4 days my lab at the university is moving and things have gotten a little bit out of control. I'm very lucky to have a great crowd of researchers and students to help prepare this big change. But the moving is just one thing among many many others that I have... Continue Reading →

Crazy week(s)

I knew January would be a tough and busy month and it is exactly what it is. It is the season for student graduation thesis and I have a pile of them to read before the end of the month. It is also the moment to think about final exams for the course I teach.... Continue Reading →

Friday already!

The week has been incredibly busy with many various things going on at work: the book I was mentioning, the organization of a workshop in January, classes, experiments... drinks with friends, party and MarioKarting with the lab, skipping lunch for tennis... and without even noticing it is the last night before the departure, it’s getting... Continue Reading →

Harvest it – eat it!

It was a while since I haven't seen my little neighbor so I decided to pay her a visit, and as such we usually exchange products from our respective gardens. I had nothing to offer, so I promised her plenty of gingko nuts in a few weeks, since our tree is literally covered with nuts.... Continue Reading →

Chestnut rice – 栗ご飯

We are lucky to have a chestnut tree in the garden, but for the past 5 years I never managed to harvest any chestnut because it was too late once they've fallen and bugs git them, they were falling to early with typhoons... This year I miraculously managed to harvest about half a dozen of... Continue Reading →

Simple Japanese meal

With friends at home for the whole weekend I ended up not cooking Japanese at all, and since Friday I was still craving for some simple Japanese taste. Finally last night I got it done! A. is good at preparing Japanese rice, which saves a bit of time when I am finishing work rather late,... Continue Reading →

Two way meal

Or two recipes with the same ingredients. One the original version and the second a leftover version. Both delicious and easy to prepare.  The original recipe is a Japanese one: rice with green peas and red miso grilled cod. This recipe is made with simple and easy to find fresh ingredients. You need fresh cod... Continue Reading →

Double luck!

I was thinking that these days I don't cook much and in particular I haven't created new recipes as often as I usually do. Indeed, I am busy with work, handling a lot of things at the same time, and the beginning of the new term at the university, with new students in the lab,... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen!

After a week away from home and the last three days eating out, we were missing some simple homemade food, with no dressing but just a few drops of olive oil, and some Japanese rice. I was also missing to cook, so the first thing I did once home was to go shopping for fresh... Continue Reading →

Sakura rice v2

Now that I understand a bit better how to use the salted sakura, I decided to prepare a new version of sakura rice (the fridge being almost empty before our departure to Europe today). I decided to prepare it not with greens as I did last time but with sweet potatoes. So I basically prepared... Continue Reading →

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