Potato salad

For those that have been to Japan they know that potato salad ポテトサラダ is a quite important dish in Japanese cuisine. It is probably one of this japanized version of western food that is so popular it looks like genuine Japanese food!! You can find potato salad on the table at every party and it... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot again!

We are moving in our new apartment tomorrow, but getting everything ready and working doesn’t mean not cooking, we have to eat 😉 Luckily we are only moving vertically so it’s quite easy to go and meet with the workers in between two online meetings, and anyway we decided not to do a lot of... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot

The short season of this delicious and subtle vegetable has started and it’s time to enjoy it now!!! Usually I would only cook it on the weekend because it requires a very long boiling, but thanks to telework this is something I can cook any day now! That’s the one good thing of working from... Continue Reading →

Lack of inspiration

I don't know if it's the super hot and humid weather, the hard time we've had with jetlag (it took almost two weeks to recover with a permanent impression of being tired, feverish, and to have a cold), or the impression that the summer is over and somebody (Mr. bad weather) still it from me...... Continue Reading →

Potatoes and green beans

If there is one combination I love it's potatoes and greens: green peas, green beans, broad beans... usually I would prepare them with new onions blanched and olive oil. Today I decided to try for new sauce, a lazy mayonnaise. Mayonnaise requires that you emulsion the oil, the egg yolk and the mustard together. It... Continue Reading →

Purple potatoes soup

Continuing the week with a recipe that this time uses only purple ratte potatoes, that is simple, delicious and beautiful: a cold creamy soup. All you need is a few purple potatoes, some fresh cream or milk, salt and pepper. Yes! That's the only ingredients in my recipe. Cold potatoes soup - 3 purple ratte... Continue Reading →

Potatoes Japanese style

Day 2 for this week of freshly harvested potatoes. Today it's a Japanese simple recipe that can be made everywhere, every time. Of course it is much tastier with new potatoes but it can work with old ones too. It has all the distinguishable flavors of Japanese cuisine: the cooked sake, the soya sauce, the... Continue Reading →

Colorful potato salad

The first recipe for this potatoes week is very simple. I wanted a preparation that would let us enjoy the difference between the two types of potatoes we grew and would be a full lunch. Well... I simply decided on a self grown plate with only staples from our kitchen garden. Well the choice is... Continue Reading →

Potato gnocchi x olive oil

I'm a great great fan of potato gnocchi. I love them just boiled with olive oil, or with tomatoes and basil. I love them grilles in a pan with olive oil and salt. I love them in more complex dressings (all my gnocchi recipes here!)... I also enjoy preparing them a lot, the texture of... Continue Reading →

My lovely neighbors

The fun part of living in the countryside and having a great garden that produces plenty of things independently is to exchange crops with neighbors, friends and colleagues and these past few days we've been exchanging a lot! It all started with plums... like last year I harvested about 20kg of plums and left the... Continue Reading →


I didn't remember seeing kohlrabi too often in Japan and I couldn't remember having actually prepared some anytime in my life. I vaguely remember it was something we would eat in the 80's when I was little and didn't eat anything... So kohlrabi (chou rave as I remembered it) was just a name with no... Continue Reading →

Golden week

We have almost always spent our golden weeks in Soto Boso, even before we had a house there. Our first golden week, we spent it in Onjuku in a fishing minshuku, except that we weren't fishing! Then for may be 4 or 5 years we came by scooter, touring from north to south, and also... Continue Reading →


For those who’ve been following us, they know that I love to make fresh pasta, and even more stuffed pasta like ravioli (all my recipes are here!). I’ve been testing many options and yet I was satisfied but never fully satisfied by the result, in particular the pasta itself, but not only, though the taste... Continue Reading →

Cold soup

How is your summer? In Tokyo these days summer looks like the rainy season... and it's even not too hot! Which is perfect for this first week back to work, except that I was expecting having dinner on the terrace (maybe for the last season since we might move to a new place without a... Continue Reading →

Curry soup

A few weeks ago, one day when the weather was awfully rainy, we went out for lunch in a new place we haven't tried before: Green +. It's a small cafe a bit remote with a chef that cooks vegan local food using tones of herbs and mild spices. The lunch menu is rather simple:... Continue Reading →

Colorful salad

Sometimes a very simple meal is welcome, but something different than usual. And for no specific reason I don't cook potato salad very often, even though it's super easy and delicious. I don't mean mayonnaise base potato salad that is very common here in Japan, but rather olive oil base. Something with plenty of fresh... Continue Reading →

Mum’s artichokes barigoule

Every time I go back to my parents' place in Aix-en-Provence and the season allows for it, my mother would cook one of my favorite artichokes recipe (I love artichokes!! ), and that I cannot eat in Japan because finding the proper ingredients is very difficult or impossible. This recipe of artichokes barigoule is a... Continue Reading →

A little soup

With some yellow carots, red carrots and normal carrots, some lotus root, some potatoes, and with some Italian beans soup mix that I cooked for lunch, I made for dinner this warm and rich vegan soup. Very very simple and so quick if you have cooked the beans before (optimally leftovers). In a large pan... Continue Reading →

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