As I was explaining in a previous post, my grand mother was really good at cooking leftover and that of meat in particular. I have kept the tradition and I cook once in a while some mironton. But I make often some variations from the original recipe. This time I didn't use regular onion, but... Continue Reading →

Japanese spring

Here I am! Back to warm and blossoming Tokyo! What a difference from Canada! Not only it is warm and all the cherry trees are blossoming, people are out to enjoy the weather and the flowers, there is this very special euphoria in March in Japan. The season for graduation, for endings and soon new... Continue Reading →

Summer salad

Well well summer is really here and it's just the beginning, temperature are going to rise even further I guess. So preparing simple fresh food is really my main cooking focus, yet each time I want to prepare something different, new, even if most of the basic ingredients are the same: new potatoes, green beans,... Continue Reading →

Tiny new potatoes

When I was a kid my grandfather had a terraced kitchen garden where he would grow in the summer green beans, tomatoes, salads, radishes, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, herbs, there was also a fig tree, a verbena tree etc... I have vivid memories of eating the tomatoes on the plant while warm from the sun... Continue Reading →

Golden week

So, here we are, right in the middle of the golden week. All our friends have left and we're planning to spend a few days doing some DIY and gardening. Having friends at home I spent a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare them my classics: breakfast with freshly baked bread, creamy scrambled... Continue Reading →

Soya sauce recipe contest

So... apparently the Parisian sister has again let us down once again, and despite her promise to contribute every week steadily, she didn't keep it more than 2months...  Sorry, no sweets and cake recipes because I myself rarely cook or bake some. I am more interested in meals and breads! Recently with the spring coming... Continue Reading →

New potatoes omelette

For the first time in a week my head didn't spin and seeing the world so still is quite strange now! I kind of got use to living in a spinning boat and adjusted to it. My appetite is coming back too! But I still prefer to eat simple food. So I made a new... Continue Reading →

Spring in the plate!

It's getting warmer, out the winter coats! And the spring vegetables are everywhere on the market shelves!  I couldn't resist to preparing the first spring vegetables sautéed of the year. A classic in our house that can accompany fish, meat, tofu, eggs, or just be eaten like that. Choose the spring vegetables of your choice:... Continue Reading →

Baby corn

I like corns but I don't know too many ways to prepare them: butter grilled, boiled, in salad, in soup, with rice... I don't really like the butter grilled or simply boiled when you have a whole chunck and need to use your fingers. Plus they often come in bundle of 3 or 4 corns,... Continue Reading →

Red cabbage salad Japanese style

A red cabbage is a pretty big thing to eat for two and I'm trying to find new recipes that change from my usual ones. Recently I'm searching new ideas to change from my routine cooking, not that I don't like what I cook but it's became somehow too easy. Of course I don't necessarily... Continue Reading →

Japanese one plate

It looks a lot like a French dish or an anywhere dish: seasonal vegetables slightly sautéed and oven grilled cod. But I gave it a Japanese twist by glazing the vegetables in soya sauce, a bit of sugar and mirin, and by covering the fresh cod with a thin layer of red miso. It doesn't... Continue Reading →

New plates and colorful one-plate

You may have noticed that new plates have suddenly appeared since Saturday. Watching to many beautiful plates on IG I thought it was high time to renew our plates, to offer different plating options. After looking for quite some time and not being able to find exactly what I wanted I finally opted for simple... Continue Reading →

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