Mushrooms already…

Though it's still hot in Tokyo, evenings are getting chillier and mushrooms are proliferating on the market shelves... impossible to resist to the temptation and difficult anyway to shop something else as the summer vegetables are finished and there is little transition between the summer vegetables and the autumn ones. It's either okra and tomatoes... Continue Reading →

Your kitchen is mine!

Kitchen take-over in Waterloo. I've been in Canada for 10 days now and I really missed cooking, so when D. and C. offered me to take-over there kitchen I couldn't resist and I had to say Yes!!!!! Please let me cook!!! So all set, on our way back from work D. and I stopped grocery... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen!!!

After a break away from my kitchen and obviously from Tokyo-Paris sisters, I'm pleased to be back and cook for A. and me. I hope you have enjoyed Prunellia's posts while I was away and the website renewal just before I left (we're still open to hear what you think!). I'm starting back in the... Continue Reading →

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

This is the perfect winter dish for a busy evening! Super simple to prepare in a short time and you can prepare it before and reheat it just before eating.For two people I use 1/6 of kabocha, 5 mushrooms, risotto rice of your choice, olive oil, salt and pepper and I finished my plate with... Continue Reading →

My new favorite desktop lunch

After reading that the trend for avocado as an healthy food (like we didn't know that before, stupid magazines that said for so long it was too fatty... pfiuu) and the resulting worlwide frenzy for avocado toast and other recipe based on avocado  (stupid magazines again), is causing deforestation in Mexico, one of the major... Continue Reading →

Home cooking again at last!

I made it through! I was organizing with some colleagues and friends a conference in Tokyo and it was quite an intense week to be sure that everything would work right and attendees will be pleased. Of course this kind of work is not my main work and it's just on the side of regular... Continue Reading →


I think this recipe base is becoming my all-time favorite for the quiche: it's simple and it mixes Japanese and French flavors perfectly. The quiche is a traditional dish in France, simple to prepare and accomodate with everyone taste. The twist comes from the ingredients I use in the egg base: bonito flakes (katsuobushi) and... Continue Reading →

Summer plate

The very first days of sudden hot weather always make me happy but I have a hard time adjusting with the temperature and never know what are the proper clothing. I feel kind of feverish without being sick. When this happens I like super simple a freshfood, eating melon and grapes a lot, and preparing... Continue Reading →

Still playing winter-spring

After a gloomy week of rain and cold weather, now the sun is back for a few days and the temperature gently increases during the day, spring veggies and wild sprouts are more and more present on the market, while classic veggies like mushrooms and spring cabbages are also taking a large part of the... Continue Reading →

One-bowl of energy

Saturday, it's cold and one of the stray cat in the garden has woken us quite early this morning. Damned stray cat (not our little Pablo, a different one)! So after playing tennis 2 hours in the cold we needed a lunch full of energy and tasty. So I boiled some spelt and served it with... Continue Reading →

Kabocha and mushrooms tart

An other tart with another composition, and another tart crust.This one is largely inspired by chef Georges Ennis (@chefgygglz) kale-nutternut-shiitake tart last week, but my recipe is much lighter, quicker and features no cheese (not that I wouldn't like, but my husband yes). I like very much the addition of the kabocha, first visually, then... Continue Reading →

Buckwheat tart

Rainy and gloomy Saturday calls for a comforting tart for lunch: 100% buckwheat dough for the base, leek, oyster mushrooms, tofu for the garnish. Simple, tasty and warm, just what we needed! 

Mushroom and chard millefeuille

No news from the TPS yesterday? Well, it seems that we've lost the connection with the Parisian sister... As for the Tokyoite sister I've been really busy with my day job, working late and whole Saturday spent at the university. I've had also a number of work dinners to attend. Hopefully yesterday we managed to... Continue Reading →

Mushroom spread

Once I've made a delicious bread, I like to eat with different things and I really love vegan spreads because it's an easy way to prepare and keep veggies for a few days. I've had in mind making some mushroom spread for a long time now, but never did before. But the other day we... Continue Reading →

Left over diner

We had friends at home for diner the other night, and I over spec the diner portions, so, rare enough, I had enough left overs for a second diner. But because I don't like eating twice the same thing I arrange it in completely different maner.The original dinner consisted in plain white rice, Japanese autumn... Continue Reading →

Variation of the mushrooms tart

For a slightly more elegant plating, the mushrooms tart is also nice in individual little shapes, with simply the dough and the veggies on top. And served with a little kabocha purée in a Parmegiano millefeuilles. The dough of the tart is again using a base of chesnut flour. For the kabocha purée I just washed... Continue Reading →

Mushroom and tofu tart

Again mushrooms on the menu and sure more to come! I simply love them all! This time a big combo of shiitake, white shimeji, maitake, mushrooms, eringi slightly sautéed, then mix with tofu and eggs and set in a chesnut flour dough. Topped with a bit of grilled bacon if you like. A delicious tart... Continue Reading →


With autumn slowly making its way, and a typhoon winds rattling outside, mushrooms start to be a must of the season. Not that there are so many wild mushroom on the markets in Japan, but still autumn is for me a great season to enjoy mushrooms. After my 100% Japanese dish with mushrooms 2 weeks... Continue Reading →

Quiche Japanese style

As I was thinking of preparing something about dashi and katsuobushi for a while, I imagined that I had to pay a visit again at Ninben to see if they were selling all of the different katsuobushi I learned about, and I found there a very nice recipe book. Of course all the recipes use... Continue Reading →

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