The last kabocha

While spring is definitely in the air, and I am craving for spring greens which are not yet quite there (the one available come from the far away south of Japan), I was thinking that before entering that green season, eating a last kabocha would be great. Indeed since December I cooked cauliflowers, romanescos, broccolis,... Continue Reading →

Almost there

While I'm hoping that the doctor will tell me I'm good to go tomorrow I'm still taking it easy, resting a lot and trying to sleep a lot. But the one thing that makes me confident that I am recovering is that now my appetite is gigantic. Indeed in the first few days when I... Continue Reading →

Cooking with A.

When I was supposed to rest, I still cooked a bit for myself. One has to eat anyway. But during the weekend, A. wanted to help a bit with the cooking. So his main responsibility was to make apples or pears compote, one thing I invariably love, sick or not. He varied all the possible... Continue Reading →

Kabocha pie

Halloween doesn't inspire me much for cooking. Too much colors, disgusting appearance... I am not a fan at all and I must say that looking at my IG feed these days was not very attractive. Hopefully it's passed now... None the less the orange pumpkins and the sweetness of their taste is something that I... Continue Reading →

Call it cooking… or not

But damn... this was a super delicious combination... You remember me cooking in apron over my suit right after work? Well I was preparing dinner with the leftover veggies: kabocha and tomatoes. I also picked some fresh parsley in the garden and was thinking about what to do with them when the crave for soba... Continue Reading →


At last... the beautiful autumn days have arrived and with them the most typical autumn vegetables (with mushrooms): the pumpkins!!! While in Tokyo supermarkets you may find only Japanese kabocha, the one with the soft dark green skin and the vibrant orange flesh, that is also found all year round... In the countryside, in farmers... Continue Reading →


With the terrible summer the garden hasn't produced much since August. My eggplants are having a hard time growing, same for the celeriac, and the ukon. The beets have disappeared... only the peanuts, the celery branch, and the herbs are doing fine. Regarding the fruits... the jujube are few and very tiny, the persimmons are... Continue Reading →

Simmered kabocha

All a sudden it has become very cold and warm food, rich and tasty is more than necessary. During the autumn I have used a lot of butternut squash, leaving the little Japanese kabocha on the side for a while, knowing that they would be right there when needed in the winter, as the season... Continue Reading →

Shojin cuisine

As I was questioning myself about Buddhist cuisine in China regarding these Chinese beancurd noodles, I decided to do a bit of search and reopen my Shojin cuisine book. I was right, until the 18th century in China buddhist and taoist temples would only serve vegetables soup and tea to pilgrims, the same thing monks... Continue Reading →


November has arrived in a flash... and with it the first chilly evenings that make you want to roll yourself under a plaid with the cat and drink hot yuzu with honey. It's also the perfect time for long walks to the beach, gardening and receiving guests. This time guests were my sister, her husband... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 3!

It’ been quite sometime I didn’t make ravioli right?! And I couldn’t wait any longer to train again... in prevision of my visit to Tuscany next month... And with beautiful shiitake, kabocha season and delicious Isumi pork, it was easy to decide what the fillingwould be: it will be all or nothing!  Indeed kabocha and... Continue Reading →

Kabocha soup

Autumn seems to have arrived. Mornings and evenings are much chillier and days are getting really shorter already. So it's time to prepare some warm simple soups. After eating so many butternut squash, now I have started to cook kabocha. This little Japanese pumpkin with very green skin that can be eaten too. And making... Continue Reading →

Risotto “fond de frigo”

Sometimes there are a few things remaining in the bottom of your vegetables drawer in your fridge, and you don't know what to do with them... typically a leek, a little piece of kabocha, a tomato, a little piece of cauliflower... well it makes a very nice base for a vegan risotto. First, a bit of... Continue Reading →

One-plate lunch from the country

I love to prepare one-plate for lunch, in particular when we have friends visiting. It is easy to prepare and to serveat anytime because the vegetables can be cooked very quickly and the rice, the meat etc... can be kept warm or re-heated very easily. So when the time comes to eat I just need... Continue Reading →

Continuing with Japanese one-plates

For weekend lunches I love to prepare one-plate or one-bowl lunches. They are simple to prepare, well balanced and fun to eat. Since we spend most of our weekend outdoors they are a perfect break. I usually use Japanese rice as the starting point and decline with two or free more items. For this plate... Continue Reading →

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

This is the perfect winter dish for a busy evening! Super simple to prepare in a short time and you can prepare it before and reheat it just before eating.For two people I use 1/6 of kabocha, 5 mushrooms, risotto rice of your choice, olive oil, salt and pepper and I finished my plate with... Continue Reading →

My Japanese style vegan soup

Largely inspired by the quinoa soups (winter and autumn) I made, I wanted something more Japanese. So I cooked in a pan: one sweet potato, one large sato imo, a piece of kabocha and a leek in a bit of olive oil, and in an other pan I cooked a mix of seeds and beans together... Continue Reading →

Kabocha here, kabocha there!

Autumnal weather with cool evenings and beautiful days calls for some autumnal ingredients. Kabocha is one I love. As you can have seen from my previous posts, it is in almost all my recipes these days: soup, sauteed... and it goes perfectly well with Japanese food, western food... And bonus it cooks very quickly which... Continue Reading →

Autumn quinoa soup

Last Christmas my parents offered me a giant book on vegetarian cooking. I've tried several recipes from that book and a lot of inspiration. I also learned a lot about some basic preparations. But if there were only one recipe to remember about it, the one that I would have not thought of, it's the... Continue Reading →

Leftovers dinner

Spending the weekend in the country after three weeks is just so nice! Even if the weather is not up to my expectations, I enjoy cooking some really nice fresh vegetables and fruits for A. and our friend D. who is staying with us for the weekend. Hopefully we manage to play tennis and to... Continue Reading →

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