Changing habits

Like pretty much every one we have our habits. Ours change with seasons and adapt to our agendas. And sometimes we pick up new ones and abandon those that don't fit with our philosophy or ethics anymore. There has been two major changes recently, one by choice, the second forced. We used to go swimming... Continue Reading →

Perilla – shiso

If you like Japanese food or have traveled to Japan you that green leaf for sure!! Perilla, or shiso 紫蘇, or ooba 大葉 grows very easily and spreads like weed in both planters and the garden. It requires very little maintenance and grows every year with more and more plants, only the caterpillars seems to... Continue Reading →

Bouillabaisse my way

As you already may know or you can check here, bouillabaisse is a classic summer dish in my family. My grand mother, and now my mother prepare it for family gatherings. While I love it and have helped preparing it many times with my grand mother as a child (I even fished the soup...) this... Continue Reading →

Plum works

A story of great success and massive failures... Like every year in June I did my share of plum works. With a garden that produces a lot more fruits that I can handle, I actually spend more time picking fruits to give away rather then cooking them. This year I prepared umeboshi like every year,... Continue Reading →

Nimono – 煮物

There are things that I love but never cook. I only have them in restaurants or cooked by someone else. One in particular is nimono - 煮物 a simmered Japanese preparation, often used for vegetables and fishes, or at least for those I eat. The base for the simmering is almost always the same: sake,... Continue Reading →

Tsunan – 津南町

Every once in a while we go to visit our friends and their cat in Tsunan, in the Niigata mountains. We originally planned to go for new year but the snow has stopped us: our car is not equipped for snow... so we took the opportunity of the long golden week to drive up and... Continue Reading →

Golden week!!

Well, well, well... this time of the year has come again and for me golden week means first ocean bathing, the beginning of the bodyboarding season and the beach season. This year the weather has decided differently and it is so cold that I spend my evenings curled in my cashmere or under a plaid,... Continue Reading →


Spring and fall are the perfect seasons for hiking in Japan. The temperatures are just right not to get a sweat but not to freeze or die of over heat, bugs are fewer and either the flowers and tender greens, or the crimson colors of fall make a picturesque scenery. There are plenty of options... Continue Reading →

Spring is here!

After the fukinoto and the canola which both announce the arrival of spring and the cold unstable weather that usually accompany the plum blossom end, the next step is the real arrival of spring in late March or early April with the famous cherry blossoms of course, Mole's quince and the jonquils putting beautiful colors... Continue Reading →


No cooking or recipe talk today... just talking about me and us. About what February 24th means... 12 years ago today A. and I got married... it took us years to find where and how we would do it, but suddenly, one day, in Tokyo, we found the place and everything was settled in less... Continue Reading →

New start!

With a sister who has let me down without a word after 3 years of Tokyo Paris sisters, I have decided to come back to my very first website and to continue to share my culinary experiences with those interested in Japanese-French-Italian cooking, and in fresh, local and seasonal food. So basically nothing has changed... Continue Reading →

Dirty hands

I love to put my hands in gooey mixtures quite a lot, and this weekend is what I did!! I first started bu making some brioches for our breakfast. The dough for brioche is always a hard kneading wirk because of the egg and butter the dough gets really really gooey and it takes a... Continue Reading →


When we first arrived in Japan there was a huge post office close to Tokyo station. Quite convenient at the time for tourists because post offices where the only places or so where you could withdraw cash from an ATM with a foreign credit card. But the building didn’t resist the whole tide of renewals... Continue Reading →

Long weekend

After a series of very rainy weekends, so many that I don't even count them anymore, a perfect autumn weekend was more than welcome, and even better: it was a long weekend. We spent sometime in Tokyo and most of the time in Ohara with D. and C.. The planning was simple: outdoor activities and... Continue Reading →

Kurashiki – 倉敷

This year so far, we haven't traveled much abroad, rather we traveled to many places in Japan that were on my bucket list: we went to the north part of Okinawa, to Hakuba in the summer, to Takayama, to the Kiso valley etc... one other place on the list was Kurashiki. So when our visitors... Continue Reading →

Where is “home”?

It's a bit of a weird week, with travel, changes, so I'm getting a bit lost! We went to Shanghai for two days, where A. was working, abd I took this opportunity as a writing retreat when I was not disturbed abd could focus on my work. It was very productive, the weather very helpful... Continue Reading →


The last stop of our trip was in Yamanashi prefecture to visit wineries and fruits orchards. I had know idea what too expect and what we would actually see, and it was a great surprise! First the place we stayed at (Fuefukigawa onsen - 笛吹川温泉) was fantastic with a chef preparing delicious cha-kaiseki cuisine and... Continue Reading →

Wasabi – 山葵

Wasabi is an important ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is of course used for sushi, but also with tofu, soba noodles... It is an autochthonous plant that grows naturally nearby clear streams. Historically it was first used as medicine in Nara period (700AD) before being popularized as food during the middle age: Muromachi period (1300~).... Continue Reading →

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