Fava beans gyoza

I could have started a "fava beans week" and write everyday a new recipe using them, whether Japanese, Italian or French... but I was alone these days, A. traveling again for work, and my work is kind of busy... a lot of things have suddenly started to move forward since February, after months if not... Continue Reading →

Spring greens

My kitchen garden seems to be doing ok! Every week I harvest something, and recently it's been focused on snap peas and herbs. Two plants of peas actually have been producing a handful of snap peas every week, which is just the perfect amount for us so far, as I used them mixed with other... Continue Reading →


In the series of spring greens now is the time to talk about urui - うるい or hosta in English is not really a wild plant but rather something that grows freely in gardens. Their beautiful leaves and flowers are a nice ornament but what is most interesting is the leaves right after sprouting as... Continue Reading →

New green on the table: tatsoi

The family of edible greens I know is growing every week when we go to the farmers market. Somehow they always manage to have something that tickles me and I want to try. This week was all about tatsoi. Sorry for being such so badly cultivated when it comes to greens... I have so much... Continue Reading →

Some new greens

Every season brings a new kind of greens to the table, not just seasonal but also things I have never seen or cooked before. That's what is fun with shopping at local farmers markets. Each one has some different products. When I shop in Ohara, I don't find the same things than when I shop... Continue Reading →

New wakame

There's a season for everything and now is the season of new wakame apparently. This dried seaweed that is most often used in miso soup and in salad can be used in a variety of recipes I assumed and so I tried something half French half Japanese for this recipe. It all started with the... Continue Reading →

Soba salad

I've been so busy at work running from one place to an other and with some tension when our robot was making its debut on stage, and with the moving that I barely cooked and even barely thought about writing a post to share with you a delicious recipe. .. for which I must apologize! But... Continue Reading →

Soya sauce recipe contest

So... apparently the Parisian sister has again let us down once again, and despite her promise to contribute every week steadily, she didn't keep it more than 2months...  Sorry, no sweets and cake recipes because I myself rarely cook or bake some. I am more interested in meals and breads! Recently with the spring coming... Continue Reading →

Green chahan

Lunch is all like the weather today! Sunny, warm and nice! With tones of fresh greens: mizuna, spinach, snap peas; sesame and tofu and freshly cooked rice. It is so simple to make that even shooting a video of it was easy and quick! So today the recipe is in the movie! Enjoy your Sunday!!! 

Spring is in the air!

Well, at least in the farmers market! Because it's still quite cold in Tokyo... but all these greens were so appalling that I couldn't resist making a little green risotto for everyone! Simply with one leek for the creaminess, and then fava beans, green peas and snap peas. That's the vegan base. But with my... Continue Reading →

Lunch on the desk

When busy weeks with visitors and eating out are followed by busy weeks preparing lectures, writing big grant proposal and traveling I need lunch that are quick, light and fresh, but full of energy and tasty. I am lucky enough to have a space in my office where I can prepare rudimentary things, and usually... Continue Reading →

Asparagus and herbs ravioli

It's been weeks I wanted to make ravioli and I totally felt in love with the IG picture of Zucchero e zenzero's ricotta and asparagus ravioli just before the golden week. The events during and after the golden week being what they've been I didn't had a chance to make ravioli until last night, and... Continue Reading →

Snap peas and onion risotto

We are slowly going towards the rainy season and it's getting towards the end of the season for spring vegetables in Tokyo area, soon we will have melon, zucchini, okras... But before it ends really let's enjoy some more spring greens!!! Snap peas are very easy to cook, they just need to be blanched, and... Continue Reading →

Having fun with broad beans

I had a few broad beans left and had this idea of making soup with them, so I boiled them, peeled them and blend them and instead of water I used some cream. What happened is that it became a broad bean whipped cream! Oh oh! What a nice thing! So I really made broad... Continue Reading →

Greens part 2

Cold  version of the greens with raw zucchini, almost raw asparagus and snap peas, little radish, avocado and purple cabbage sprouts, a bit of Sicilian olive oil, and additional on the side grilled bonito. Fresh and delicious recipe perfect both for lunch or dinner.

Greens part 1

The farmers market was full of greens, of all sorts, leafy, flowery, sprouty... And we couldn't resist... So now the fridge is full of fresh greens to be eaten, and it's good because I working next Saturday and won't be able to refill, plus we have guests for dinner Friday evening.  I particularly was happy... Continue Reading →

An other dinner at home

What to cook for your friends visiting Japan when you are back from work past 21:00 and everyone is starving? A soba salad with spring veggies of course!!! Spring veggies: asparagus, snap peas, green peas, are very easy to prepare and require very little cooking, just blanching them for 2min. Soba are also quick to... Continue Reading →

Asparagus risotto

Yes! Spring is here for sure and aspargus start to be seen on the market stands. Nothing simpler and more classic then an asparagus risotto, and still so delicious, I never miss to make one. I used a new onion for the base, for sweetness and melty texture, that I chopped roughly and slightly cook... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower and broccoli

Having all these beautiful cabbages in the fridge, I'm always wondering which one to chose and to cook, so tonight I opted for a duet: cauliflower and broccoli. Again this time, the recipe was not decided when I started to cook and I changed my mind ten times in the process. So first I steamed half... Continue Reading →

Celery potage

Last week end at the local farmers market they had tones of super nice veggies so we came back to Tokyo with the trunk full of veggies (our car has a fairly small trunk though!). And now any time I open the fridge to cook I have plenty of ideas to prepare all these beautiful... Continue Reading →

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