Inspiration from the kitchen garden

The fancy of a beautiful kitchen garden, abundant in vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers that I’ve always had, may be because both my grand fathers had beautiful ones... may have been just a dream. The kitchen garden we created last year and that gave some beautiful potatoes, peas and peanuts last summer, didn’t deliver up... Continue Reading →

Perilla – shiso

If you like Japanese food or have traveled to Japan you that green leaf for sure!! Perilla, or shiso 紫蘇, or ooba 大葉 grows very easily and spreads like weed in both planters and the garden. It requires very little maintenance and grows every year with more and more plants, only the caterpillars seems to... Continue Reading →


Since living in Japan I have discovered many vegetables I had never seen or never eaten before. A whole new world of vegetables discovered but at the same time many of the vegetables I loved in Europe have disappeared from my plate. There are three of them I for sure really miss: porcini, artichoke and... Continue Reading →

Colorful potato salad

The first recipe for this potatoes week is very simple. I wanted a preparation that would let us enjoy the difference between the two types of potatoes we grew and would be a full lunch. Well... I simply decided on a self grown plate with only staples from our kitchen garden. Well the choice is... Continue Reading →

Potatoes week

In March we planted potatoes in our new kitchen garden. We went for two species: some melty white potatoes and some purple ratte potatoes. It was our first time ever growing potatoes on our own, so I guess we made some mistakes: soil too rich and too compact, lack of leaves clearing... but I still... Continue Reading →

Plum plum plum…

June is the time for the rainy season, and every day the weather reminds us that, but it is also the season for plum harvesting and plum pickling. Even though I trimmed many of our plum trees this winter, the amount of fruits they produce it still enormous and it's also time for giveaways. 1Kg... Continue Reading →

Spring greens

My kitchen garden seems to be doing ok! Every week I harvest something, and recently it's been focused on snap peas and herbs. Two plants of peas actually have been producing a handful of snap peas every week, which is just the perfect amount for us so far, as I used them mixed with other... Continue Reading →

Spring is here!

After the fukinoto and the canola which both announce the arrival of spring and the cold unstable weather that usually accompany the plum blossom end, the next step is the real arrival of spring in late March or early April with the famous cherry blossoms of course, Mole's quince and the jonquils putting beautiful colors... Continue Reading →

When I fail… 🚮

Once in a while I make a cooking failure... recently it hasn't happened much because I master better my kitchen and the products I cook, and I have gained in skills a lot. But when it happens it is always very sad... and last night was one of this saddening moment when you have to... Continue Reading →

Lemon cake

For my birthday for the past 6 or 7 years, when possible, A. bakes me a birthday cake of my choice. The season is such that it involves often lemon or apple. This year the tradition went on and he prepared on my request a lemon cake. With the lemon just harvested in the garden.... Continue Reading →

Japanese pepper – 山椒

Back in June I was posting about the making of Japanese pepper in saumure after harvesting the delicious little seeds in the garden. Now that more than three months have past it is time to eat the little beads! One classic recipe would just to had a few to Japanese white rice, and this is... Continue Reading →


Now is the season for harvesting myoga, this little very fragrant plant, delicious eaten with silky tofu and soya sauce or in miso soup. Two weeks ago when I met with our old neighbor she told me that their used to be plenty of myoga in our garden, but I never found any. So after... Continue Reading →

Osmanthus fragrans syrup

In the garden, blooming in September we have about 5 or 6 osmanthus fragans or 金木犀 kinmokusei in Japanese . First I didn't know what it was and I was just charmed by the lovely smell coming from these very tiny orange flowers. It blooms when crape myrtle サルスベリ sarusuberi flowers start to finish, and... Continue Reading →

My lovely neighbors

The fun part of living in the countryside and having a great garden that produces plenty of things independently is to exchange crops with neighbors, friends and colleagues and these past few days we've been exchanging a lot! It all started with plums... like last year I harvested about 20kg of plums and left the... Continue Reading →


One of the first thing I planted in the garden 6 years ago was herbs: rosemary, mint, sage, parsley, basil and a sansho shrub. I wanted to be able to go down the garden when I was cooking and puck whatever herb I needed. The rosemary and mint did really well, and they are still... Continue Reading →

Summer teaser

Last weekend and today were really giving a taste of summer. Harvesting from the garden: locats, plums, herbs, sansho, eating in the garden at night, playing tennis and going swimming or bodyboarding right after in the chilly water of the ocean to cool down the body... and now a typhon is coming, it rains and... Continue Reading →

Yuzu-choco cookies

Sudden rainy and chilly days, after some really warm and sunny weeks call for some sweetness... and since we've recently planted a yuzu (and also a lemon) tree in the garden, to broaden our range of homemade citrus fruits, I've started to harvest a few yuzu fruits. It's late for the yuzu season but they... Continue Reading →

Persimmons harvest

Together with the gingko nuts, the season for persimmons has also started, and our two trees in the garden are literally covered with fruits this year. Since this is way to much to eat them all, that pretty much everyone has a persimmon tree in their garden, contrarily to gingko nuts, they are difficult to... Continue Reading →

Gingko nuts – 銀杏

So, we have a gingko tree in our garden. The first few years it didn't give fruits and we thought we won't have the pleasure to eat fresh gingko nuts but also not the nuisance of the horrible smell. But then... it started to bear fruits and we started to harvest them, or sometimes it... Continue Reading →

Chestnut rice – 栗ご飯

We are lucky to have a chestnut tree in the garden, but for the past 5 years I never managed to harvest any chestnut because it was too late once they've fallen and bugs git them, they were falling to early with typhoons... This year I miraculously managed to harvest about half a dozen of... Continue Reading →

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