Mushrooms already…

Though it's still hot in Tokyo, evenings are getting chillier and mushrooms are proliferating on the market shelves... impossible to resist to the temptation and difficult anyway to shop something else as the summer vegetables are finished and there is little transition between the summer vegetables and the autumn ones. It's either okra and tomatoes... Continue Reading →

Still playing winter-spring

After a gloomy week of rain and cold weather, now the sun is back for a few days and the temperature gently increases during the day, spring veggies and wild sprouts are more and more present on the market, while classic veggies like mushrooms and spring cabbages are also taking a large part of the... Continue Reading →

Variation of the mushrooms tart

For a slightly more elegant plating, the mushrooms tart is also nice in individual little shapes, with simply the dough and the veggies on top. And served with a little kabocha purée in a Parmegiano millefeuilles. The dough of the tart is again using a base of chesnut flour. For the kabocha purée I just washed... Continue Reading →

Mushroom and tofu tart

Again mushrooms on the menu and sure more to come! I simply love them all! This time a big combo of shiitake, white shimeji, maitake, mushrooms, eringi slightly sautéed, then mix with tofu and eggs and set in a chesnut flour dough. Topped with a bit of grilled bacon if you like. A delicious tart... Continue Reading →

Quiche Japanese style

As I was thinking of preparing something about dashi and katsuobushi for a while, I imagined that I had to pay a visit again at Ninben to see if they were selling all of the different katsuobushi I learned about, and I found there a very nice recipe book. Of course all the recipes use... Continue Reading →

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