Eclair ⚡️

With this horrible rainy and cold Saturday there was nothing else to do than cook some sweets and drink hot tea. After browsing a few recipes of things I wanted to cook, the unanimous choice was chocolate eclairs! And here I am in my kitchen, preparing pate a chou and custard. Of course chocolate eclair... Continue Reading →

Canola with miso

It is nice to change shopping place once in a while because different markets have different products and it opens up to new opportunity for trying new recipes or new combinations. So this weekend instead of shopping in Ohara I shopped in Kuniyoshi, a small village 10km away. I love their coop shop because they... Continue Reading →


"Grill what you like" could be a direct translation for okonomiyaki, this very popular Japanese dish from Kansai as I explained in a previous post. And it is one of the first Japanese dish I've ever prepared after we first travel to Japan. Indeed, okonomiyaki is easily found as stall food for festival and is... Continue Reading →

Back to the basics

There is one thing I like but almost never cook because it takes to long to prepare for most of my evenings, and I don't have the special gear required to make it look really good: it's Japanese dashi-rolled omelette だし卵焼き(dashitamagoyaki). The preparation is really easy it's just that to roll it correctly you need... Continue Reading →


Instead of the traditional strawberry tart for A.'s birthday, I decided to make choux. It's not something I'm very found of because ot often goes with cream or filling Idon't like too much, but A. likes them very much. It's actually very simple to make and with just an ice-sugar frosting it's really delicious. It... Continue Reading →

Tribute to our grand mother’s mironton

Our grand mother was doing magic with left overs of meat, in particular porc filet. It would be used in the filling for stuffed vegetables, in cannelloni, or hachis parmentier for exemple. But she would also use them for "mironton". Her mironton was just simple: onion, potatoes and chuncks of pork meat fried in oil... Continue Reading →

Summer time = fruits time

It's official it's summer!  Thought it is not yet super hot, summer fruits start to appear everywhere in the garden and at the market. Shiny pinkish plums, soft and pink peaches, melons, blue-berries, addictive cherries. Soon to come also the delicious nashi, watermelon etc... So I'm happy because it means fresh and juicy fruits every... Continue Reading →

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