Garden greens

After one week cooking potatoes in many different ways, we started missing pasta. So it was time for a change to cook some. I love all sort of pasta and often forget how delicious spaghetti are, in particular when well dressed. So with the garden producing a little more than potatoes, though I must admit... Continue Reading →

Barley risotto

I'm a big fan of all kind of cereals and leguminous plants. I like to use them in many recipes. In Japan there exists many, such as adlay and millet and of course all the beans (豆) families: edamame, azuki, black beans... I also like the European or Asian ones too, barley, lentil, chickpea... that... Continue Reading →

Ricotta-basil-prosciutto ravioli

I can't help making ravioli. And even more when I have fresh ricotta. But because A. doesn't like cheese too much I added prosciutto to the basic ricotta-basil filling. And I prepared a tomato-basil-prosciutto sauce to go with it. It was a very simple dinner to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary enjoyed in our country... Continue Reading →

Simple pasta

Friday evening and Sunday evening we usually have dinner rather late and I like to have something that can ready quickly with short cooking time, yet still with fresh vegetables. Pasta and gnocchi are usually my best picks for their short and simple cooking, and their versatility in terms of topping and arrangement. Recently I've... Continue Reading →

Craving for fresh pasta al pesto

This weekend Sunday I was looking forward for swimming in the icean and body boarding. We first wanted to go really early in the morning between high and low tide but we over slept and when we woke up at 7:30 it was already to close to low tide, and there nothing more boring than... Continue Reading →

Lunch on the desk

When busy weeks with visitors and eating out are followed by busy weeks preparing lectures, writing big grant proposal and traveling I need lunch that are quick, light and fresh, but full of energy and tasty. I am lucky enough to have a space in my office where I can prepare rudimentary things, and usually... Continue Reading →

Asparagus and herbs ravioli

It's been weeks I wanted to make ravioli and I totally felt in love with the IG picture of Zucchero e zenzero's ricotta and asparagus ravioli just before the golden week. The events during and after the golden week being what they've been I didn't had a chance to make ravioli until last night, and... Continue Reading →

Snap peas and onion risotto

We are slowly going towards the rainy season and it's getting towards the end of the season for spring vegetables in Tokyo area, soon we will have melon, zucchini, okras... But before it ends really let's enjoy some more spring greens!!! Snap peas are very easy to cook, they just need to be blanched, and... Continue Reading →

Basil and tomato ravioli

The basil in the garden seems to enjoy very much the rainy weather and it's growing gigantic, so I went to cut some and was thinking about preparing a simple dish of pasta with basil and tomato. But then it turned out in a new ravioli recipe! I peeled a large tomato (you'll actually need 2... Continue Reading →

Ultimate simplicity

There are evenings when I don't really have time to cook because I'm late from work or workout and I'm starving. Inicidently these evenings would coincide with a rather empty fridge (for some standards my fridge is always empty!). When this happens I need to fix dinner in less then 10min and I need carbs... Continue Reading →

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