Japan has hundreds of different citrus fruits, strangely few oranges but surely many types of tangerines, lemons, natsumikan, kinkan, kabosu, sudachi, shikwasa... and of course yuzu. Yuzu 柚子 is used either non ripe in September and becomes ripe in the end of October or the beginning of November. It is used a lot in Japanese... Continue Reading →


When the season for persimmons comes it means that autumn is clearly here and with shorter days, the chilly evenings will be coming soon. And here they are. Not cold enough to tuen the heater on yet, but it's coming. While we are not big fans of raw persimmons, like pretty much everyone in Chiba... Continue Reading →


At last... the beautiful autumn days have arrived and with them the most typical autumn vegetables (with mushrooms): the pumpkins!!! While in Tokyo supermarkets you may find only Japanese kabocha, the one with the soft dark green skin and the vibrant orange flesh, that is also found all year round... In the countryside, in farmers... Continue Reading →

Shojin cuisine

As I was questioning myself about Buddhist cuisine in China regarding these Chinese beancurd noodles, I decided to do a bit of search and reopen my Shojin cuisine book. I was right, until the 18th century in China buddhist and taoist temples would only serve vegetables soup and tea to pilgrims, the same thing monks... Continue Reading →

Before leaving

In a few hours I will be in Beijing for work, giving talks, meeting with new students and new research partners, attending a conference and presenting proposals. Well a very tight schedule for less than 72h. Usually eating is not central to these trips, even less cooking, if I ever find time to grab something... Continue Reading →


November has arrived in a flash... and with it the first chilly evenings that make you want to roll yourself under a plaid with the cat and drink hot yuzu with honey. It's also the perfect time for long walks to the beach, gardening and receiving guests. This time guests were my sister, her husband... Continue Reading →

Chickpeas flour

Chickpeas flour is a very typical staple in the south east of France, in Provence we use it for panisses, more east on the Cote d'Azur for socca, and it is always delicious!!! I always have chickpeas flour in my pantry, I use it to prepare socca and panisses for sure but not only! I... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash week day 6

And here is the final recipe for this week of butternut squash! I have opted for a last Japanese style item after the gyoza and the ae. A Japanese classic: croquettes or コロッケ kolokke. Because it should involve deep fry I don't do much of it, and mine are actually pan fried. I like the... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash week day 5

Ok... the weekend is here and I'm still cooking butternut squash!!! Using it again today in a recipe that is the pure product of my imagination: vegan gyoza. I don't know why The other day, on my way to the station I had this vision of simple gyoza, filled with a butternut and green shallots... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash week day 4

All these pumpkin and butternut squash muffins in magazines and on instagram were just looking too good not to try something. I wanted something for dinner that could be eaten with simple greens like a fresh salad. Indeed the autumn vegetables may be coming one after the other, in Tokyo fall only arrives in mid... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash week day 3

Most of the butternut squash recipe I make are not really Japanese style. Indeed, butternut squash is not really a traditional food in Japan, it's little cousin the kabocha is more common, with a green skin and a typical taste it is used in many places from traditional cuisine to more contemporary recipes. But butternut... Continue Reading →

Spicy carrot pie

The other day we went for lunch at cafe Boba and while we were waiting for our food to arrive I browsed an American cookbook on pies. Something that was perfect for the season. And with my basket full of autumn vegetables, I was very much inspired by the recipes with pumpkin, carrots... and one... Continue Reading →


When the season for swordfish starts I am always pleased to start eating some, in particular because it often arrives after several typhoons and fish options have been more than scarce in Isumi. After the long months of bonito, it is time for a change. And if I love sanma, which also marks the beginning... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms already…

Though it's still hot in Tokyo, evenings are getting chillier and mushrooms are proliferating on the market shelves... impossible to resist to the temptation and difficult anyway to shop something else as the summer vegetables are finished and there is little transition between the summer vegetables and the autumn ones. It's either okra and tomatoes... Continue Reading →

Shopping spree!

With our new work schedule, we finish work quite late on Friday evening and leaving for the country at 23:00, in the cold evening, empty stomachs and drained from the week is not too tempting, so we prefer to wake early on Saturday morning and leave quickly. In the winter fewer people go surfing and... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 2!

When suddenly the weather is chilly in the country, that it’s late and I want some confort food, I usually prepare a hot pasta soup with a clear vegetable bouillon. Leek and carrots are the two main ingredients for the bouillon, but alone they do not provide enough, so I like to add something else.... Continue Reading →

New rythm

Pfou... it’s not easy to find a mew rythm when days at work are 13h and one day you start early, the other you finish late... even less easy when A. has meetings until quite late... Cooking dinner past 22:30 when lunch is that far away and you’re starving requires food that can be prepared... Continue Reading →

Long weekend

After a series of very rainy weekends, so many that I don't even count them anymore, a perfect autumn weekend was more than welcome, and even better: it was a long weekend. We spent sometime in Tokyo and most of the time in Ohara with D. and C.. The planning was simple: outdoor activities and... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash and pasta

I've been posting a lot about butternut squash these days, indeed it's the pick season now before shifting to kabocha which taste is very different. And since I've been living alone in the past weeks, one butternut squash is a lot of food for one, so I've cooked it one way, an other, and an... Continue Reading →

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